What Tweet Binder Historical Reports are and how to create yours

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What are Tweet Binder Historical Reports?

Sometimes you may want to analyze hashtags that go beyond the standard temporal limit of our reports. You may need a report that includes information from more than 30 days ago. Maybe from the past year or three years ago. It may seem difficult to obtain this type of information.

Analyze Hashtags

However, it is possible if we use Tweet Binder Historical Reports. So, we can say that they are reports with no temporal limit and can contain a large amount of tweets. Unbelievable, right? 

Why to choose reports with no temporal limit

Sometimes, depending on the type of campaigns, Historical Reports aren’t needed. If your campaign was little, didn’t last for very long or took place within the last 30 days you will need other types of reports. If you don’t know them yet there are some posts in our blog where you can see what each of them offers. However, historical reports are always done for a reason. And that has to do with their characteristics. We have already mentioned them but lets go through them a bit more deeply do there are no doubts. 

  • Reports with no temporal limit. So, they can include information from the past 4 years or two months. That will depend on each report’s needs. 
  • The report gets up to 140,000 tweets. This number is the highest among of our reports. You can always purchase extra tweets afterwards.
  • It contains all the metrics. The same amount of data and the same options.
  • It can be exported to an Excel document. This is very valuable because it enables us to work with the information. 
  • A member of our team will be available if you need email support

Try Tweet Binder Now

Furthermore, with Tweet Binder’s new version, the Classify Panel is now more useful than ever. Tweet Binder Historical Reports give you the chance to make the most out of this feature. By using it, you will be able to classify and put in order all the information. That way, besides the visual part of the report, you also get a tool that gives you the chance to manage the information as you need and focus it to your objectives.

How do I create my Tweet Binder Historical Reports?

It is really easy! In our website you will find a button called “Reports”. There you will be able to choose between Twitter and Instagram reports. In this case we’ll click on the Twitter button. A new screen will open and there you will have to choose one of the three types of reports offered (Live Report, 30-days Report and Historical Report). So, we will choose the Tweet Binder Historical Report by clicking on the “Buy now” button. That will lead us to a new screen (don’t panic, the report is just a few clicks away) where we will introduce our data and proceed to the payment.

Once the payment is done we will be led to another screen where we have to introduce the hashtag or term we want to track and the period of time. This is the most important part! We will both receive this information through a confirmation email. A member of our team will proceed to get in touch with you in order to let you know that the system will start working on your report. It will take a while but we will send it to you as soon as possible. Afterwards, you will receive your Tweet Binder Historical Report. It’s time for you to work with it!

If you haven’t tried the reports with no temporal limit yet don’t forget to do it. In addition, as you will see in this post about Tweet Binder plans, if you have purchased one of them you also have the possibility to create Historical Reports with no extra cost. 

Discover them!