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Are you looking for free Twitter hashtag analytics? Tweet Binder is the hashtag tracking tool that will cover all your needs. We offer free twitter reports up to 2,000 tweets and it’s really easy and quick. Tweet Binder allows you to analyze any hashtag, term or account. Besides, our free version shows all the tweets shared under the hashtag during the last 7 days.

Tweet Binder: The perfect hashtag tracking tool for Twitter

Tweet Binder is well known for the simplicity of its process. Using Tweet Binder, you will get a Twitter report in few minutes by just writing the searched term into the light box. We offer historical reports and live campaigns but we also create PRO reports that cover the last 7 days up to 6,000 tweets.

  • Live Campaign: Covers the activity in real time starting now and with no time limitation in the future. The report shows all the stats in real time. Our Live campaigns allow you to be updated immediately about your campaign and will let you make quicker decisions according to its evolution.
  • Historical Report: Covers the last 30 days up to 35,000 tweets. You can analyze one or more terms at the same time. In case you need more tweets, you can purchase extra tweets.
  • Special Historical Report: Twitter historical reports with no date limitation. Covers up to 140,000 tweets and has no date limitation. You can purchase it from here. They are normally ready on the day of payment, the more tweets it has the longer it takes to create them.
  • Pro Reports: Covers the last 7 days up to 6,000 tweets. These PRO reports are the best solution for quick campaigns.

All our paid reports include general stats, timeline activity, 6 rankings of users, images, two extra rankings, technical information and the excel exportation. Of course, you can combine two of them or ask for a personal quote.

Free Twitter hashtag analytics

We always try to cover all our users’ needs related to the free twitter hashtag analytics. That’s why we have available a free version without registration. Everybody can create free twitter reports with Tweet Binder in just one click. The process is the same and it’s really intuitive. By searching the term you will get the report in few seconds. Our free version allows you to create reports up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days. In case that you need more tweets or a longer period of time, we will be more than happy to help you with the PRO reports.

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Tweet Binder offers free Twitter reports up to 2000 tweets

Free Twitter reports

Our free version is perfect to try the free hashtag tracking tool and create quickly reports. Our free Twitter reports include general stats, timeline activity and 6 rankings of users. The extra rankings, technical stats and the excel file are limited to the PRO version.

Now it’s time to try the free hashtag tracking tool and enjoy the analytics. We will be pleased to help you with your campaigns and stats, no matter which kind of analysis you need to launch.

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