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Top twitter accounts in the world

Twitter is the place where we all go to express our opinions on any topic (always trying to do it will respect) and also the place we go to talk to our celebrities, the ones we adore. It is also the place where we get inform on the latest news, in fact Twitter has grown a lot as a way to get informed and the great news channels are quite popular on Twitter getting a lot of followers. Everyone is on Twitter in one way or another. You can have you own personal account or you can have a fake one just to scroll up and down and read tweets. No one escapes from the blue bird Social Network, whose name is Larry by the way. Thanks to Twitter, artists and fans have a place where they can get closer. Fans can express their love for their favorite artist latest record. And artist can react to those tweets by replying to it, retweeting it or liking it. Musicians and artists tend to be the most popular accounts on Twitter, let’s go through a list and see the account with the highest amount of followers. As the Super Bowl twitter activity is always huge, it is also the activity of all these popular accounts, get ready to know who are the most popular Twitter users.  

In this post we will analyze the popularity on Twitter from two different points of view:

  • Number of followers: this number has been using traditionally to express popularity, however, there are many ways of faking this number: you can buy followers or follow a lot of users to get follow-backs. This is an important number, but not the only one.
  • Economic value: the economic value of one user’s tweet expresses how much that tweet would be in the market. In Tweet Binder we have created this new influence metric to complete the number of followers. The higher the economic value the more influence the user will have. It combines a lot of metrics, you can learn more about the economic value of a hashtag or user.  

To measure the number of followers we will just use the website of Twitter. For the economic value we will use Twego for influencers, a new tool from Tweet Binder’s family. So, if you want to analyze Ellen degeneres’ or Katy Perry’s tweets and accounts just keep reading and enjoy!

Top 10 most followed Twitter accounts

The number of followers is the perfect metric to measure if an account is popular or not, but remember that it is not the only one. It is true that followers can be easily bought nowadays so be careful with those account with a lot of followers but little engagement. However, there are some accounts that have millions of followers because they have honestly earned them. These are accounts from musicians, soccer players, TV shows and even presidents and ex-presidents .

We are going to focus on the Top 10 accounts by number of followers (top 10 most followed twitter accounts):

NameTwitter HandleFollowers*Economic value

Katy Perry


Barack Obama


Justin Bieber




Taylor Swift


Lady Gaga


Cristiano Ronaldo


Ellen DeGeneres




Justin Timberlake


*Info updated on Jun. 4th, 2019

It is important to notice that Taylor Swift has so little sent tweets because she erased all the content form her Twitter account on August 2017. It is very common for very popular accounts to follow a small number of users but here we can see some exceptions to this norm. For example, Barack Obama follows 616,221 users and Justin Bieber follows 299,330 accounts. This is something not very common as it is very difficult to keep track of what that amount of accounts are saying. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to follow 0 accounts. That is the case of Taylor Swift. We are huge fans of this artist, we have written several posts about Taylor Swift on Twitter, but following zero accounts is not something very recommendable. However, we have to say that she interacts a lot with all her swifties. Not only with her own account but also with the @taylornation13 account as well.

In this case we see that the number of followers and economic market value place the accounts in the same position. We will see after how to even complete this influence formula with the engagement value, be patient.

Analyzing Twitter popular accounts with Tweet Binder

Every gift comes with its responsibilities. Having such a big amount of followers makes it necessary to keep track of what they are saying. Those followers might be saying good things about the account in particular but maybe they are saying bad things. That is when Tweet Binder comes in handy. With our reports you can track anything on Twitter. How? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! For these type of actions you can activate two different types of reports:

  1. Twitter historical report: To track what has been said about the account. ⏪ Twitter Historical Reports! 
  2. Twitter real time report: To start analyzing form now on. ⏩ Real Time Twitter Reports!

If you have an army of followers, it is important (not to say mandatory) to have at least some knowledge of what they are saying. Of course, the artist should not read everything being said about them on Twitter. Users tend to be kind of cruel when expressing their opinions and this can negatively affect the artist. This is the duty of the account managers. They are the ones who should keep track of what is being said.

Mentions to @KatyPerry – January 2019

As Katy Perry is the most popular account on Twitter, we are going to see how many mentions she has received during January 2019. In order to run this report, we have created a 30-day report. This analysis will give back the tweets sent mentioning @KatyPerry during the last 30 days. Here is a video that shows how to create these Twitter historical reports:

As you can see, creating a 30-day report is very easy and quick. Of course, if you are not a PRO user you can always purchase your Twitter report from here and the system will start collecting tweets. Let’s see how many mentions Katy Perry got in January 2019:

Tweet Binder Twitter report. Twitter most popular accounts
Mentions to @KatyPerry – since Jan 1, 2019 01:01:50 until Jan 29, 2019 10:27:16

The first thing we see after creating a Twitter analytics report with Tweet Binder is the section with the general stats. We know that the difference between impacts and reach can sometimes be tricky, that is why we have written several posts about it. You can learn more about those metrics in this blog and know what Twitter impressions and reach are. Let’s analyze these numbers more closely. During the month of January, @KatyPerry has generated:

  • 65,745 total tweets. These tweets are classified in 37,474 original tweets and 28,271 retweets.
  • 1,638,600,000 potential impacts
  • 232,781,797 potential reach
  • 23,796 contributors

With Tweet Binder reports the user does not only get general stats but also rankings of users. These rankings are perfect to know which kind of users are tweeting content about the analyzed account. In the case of Katy Perry, she could use these reports to find out her most active fans.

Analyze Twitter popular accounts with Tweet Binder @KatyPerry
Most active users mentioning @KaryPerry

The upper rankings show the most active users. It is important to differentiate between the users who sent original content and those who retweets what other users have said. From our perspective, those who send more original content are the true fans. These are the one who really express their opinions about, in this case, @KatyPerry. 

Most mentioned users along with @KatyPerry

Another clever thing to do when analyzing these accounts is to see which other accounts are mentioned along with this artist. This way, you can discover which people users relate with the analyzed one. In the case of @KatyPerry, these are the other popular accounts that are mentioned with her:


Real top 10 most important twitter accounts

Ok, here we go, we are going to get a bit controversial, we like trouble sometimes. Who is the most important account in Twitter? For us it will be the account who generates the highest engagement. Engagement in Twitter is:

  • Mentions
  • Retweets
  • Likes

If a Twitter account gets 1 million followers but no retweets or likes that will look suspicious to say the least. We have created a new formular that complete the before mentioned market economic value, it is called: the Twitter engagement value. It is also expressed in money (US Dollars) and the higher the better. However there is a little comment here, let us ask you a question: would you be “happy” if you get 100 retweets to one of your tweets? We are sure that you would. Now, ask the same question to Katy Perry, 100 retweets in a tweet from Katy seems little, right? So, to calculate the engagement value we have had that in consideration: 100 retweets for your tweet are ok, 100 retweets for Katy’s tweets are not ok.

If the engagement value is lower than the economic value, it will mean that the account has less engagement than expected. 

Let’s review the top 10 most followed twitter accounts and let’s add the engagement value:

NameTwitter HandleFollowers*Economic valueEngagement value
Katy Perry@katyperry107,467,475$146,348.93$78,698.73
Barack Obama@BarackObama106,416,249$145,479.52$2,151,318.97
Justin Bieber@justinbieber105,699,062$146,887.3$1,615,254.87
Taylor Swift@taylorswift1383,446,146$116,355.92$791,137.43
Lady Gaga@ladygaga78,715,065$110,991.90$499,556.29
Cristiano Ronaldo@Cristiano78,110,503$109,419.43$826,852.28
Ellen DeGeneres@TheEllenShow77,795,035$109,133.48$38,735.49
Justin Timberlake@jtimberlake64,968,456$92,548.23$95,302.99

Isn’t it amazing?! We have a few accounts that are getting a HUGE ton of engagement, specially Justin Bieber and Barack Obama. Their engagement value is more than 10 times higher than the market value. That means that they are getting a lot more engagement than expected by our algorithm. On the other hand, there are two accounts that have lower engagement values: Youtube, Katy and Ellen (we love you Ellen, it’s ok). So if you want to check the real influence of someone at Twitter check Twego and compare the engagement value with the market value. 

The real influence metric would be the relation between the engagement value and the economic value. If higher than 1 then it is positive, if less than 1 it will mean the engagement of that account is low and should be higher.

Analyzing popular Twitter accounts

As you can see, keeping track of popular accounts on Twitter is very easy with Tweet Binder. In less than five minutes you can know everything that is being said about any account. We have run this example with @KatyPerry, the most popular account on Twitter by number of followers. Do you need to get stats from a different account? what are you waiting for? Contact us now and start generating stats!

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