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How many tweets a hashtag has?

Most marketing or Social Media managers come up with this question everyday. They run campaigns on a regular basis and they want to know how many content has been shared about it. Most of the times they don’t need to know the reach nor impact, they just need a concrete number. And this is also applied to regular Twitter users that are just curious about a hashtag or term. Tweet Binder is known for creating (let us say so) very cool reports. We provide very neat stats and a wide range of rankings (we have included new metrics in July 2018). Our reports are very easy to read and with the excel exportation the user can run a deeper analysis. However, Tweet Binder is not only about reports, we are also used as a Twitter hashtag counter.

Twitter reports

With Tweet binder we can analyze anything on Twitter. There are no limits when speaking about time or amount of tweets. We can go back in time as far as we need to. Our Twitter reports give very good insights about how a hashtag/keyword/account has behaved on Twitter. We have to types of reports: the infographic twitter report which gives a general overview of the analyzed term and the advanced twiter report. With this report the user gets much more insights and stats about the hashtag. We provide a wide range of rankings of users and terms as well as every stat to make the most out of the analysis. The user also receives an excel sheet with all the stats and transcripts. This document allows the user to “play” with the stats and sort it the way he needs to.

With Tweet Binder you can obtain Twitter stats for FREE. How is this possible? We provide free twitter reports of up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days. Most of the time this is enough to know how a hashtag has behaved but, most important, to get to know the tool. By offering a free version we allow the user to use our Twitter browser so that he can get a good view of how Tweet Binder works. Of course, with the paid version the user gets much more stats and rankings as well as the earlier mentioned excel sheet.

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Twitter hashtag counter

What if I just need the total number of tweets shared under a hashtag? Do I need to pay for the full report? If you are asking those questions, know that the answer is no, you don’t have to pay for a full report if you just need the total number of tweets. Tweet Binder also offers the service of being a Twitter hashtag counter. This is a very little known service but it has proved to be very useful. For some campaigns or contests, for example, the organizer just need the total number of tweets shared. And that number is something we can provide. You just need to contact us and let us know the query you need to track. We usually reply within the next five minutes after we receive the request.

#TS6IsBack and Twitter is excited about it. Twitter hashtag counter.
Twitter hashtag counter for #TS6IsBack within August 18th and August 22nd

To sum up, Tweet Binder is a great Social Media analytics tool that provides a wide range of insights on a hashtag or term. However, it cal also be used as a simple Twitter hashtag counter if what is needed is just the total number of tweets. What do you think? Do you need to know how many tweets a hashtag has? Contact us now! We will be waiting you with our arms open!

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