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Finding out the number of tweets of a hashtag is a very easy process

If you want to know how to see how many tweets a hashtag has you need to use an external tool. Twitter does not serve the number of tweets a hashtag contains unless it gets to the trending topics and still that number is not 100% correct. So, if you need to find number of tweets for a hashtag go and visit Tweet Binder. It is a Twitter analytics tool that analyze any hashtag or term creating visual reports. Thanks to Tweet Binder, you will be able to create as many reports as you need. But that’s not all. Not only will you get the number of tweets shared with the term. You will also have access to all the statistics on that search: impacts, scope, users, user rankings, Timeline…

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It is very easy to analyze any hashtag on Tweet Binder. No matter if you are a big agency or you are a freelance. The reports will cover your needs regardless of the size of your campaign. In this post we will teach you how to do it and how analyzing Twitter information can help you in your daily work. What is more! You will discover all the stats included in our free reports. So come with us and enter this fascinating world!

Step 1: Inserting the hashtag in the search box

This step may look naif but it is very important. Go to the home page of Tweet Binder where you will find the search box. Once there write what you want to analyze in the search box. It can be a hashtag, a term, an account or anything within a tweet. The process will last for a few seconds but do not worry because the report appears directly on your screen once the search is done.

Tweet Binder home page
You can insert any term or hashtag into the search box

It is important to remember that you can use the advanced search commands from Twitter to filter the tweets. So for example, if you want tweets of some particular days, let’s say you want tweets from the 10th of November of 2018 until the 14th of that month. The hashtag would be #MyHashtag. You will have to write in the search box this:

#MyHashtag since:2018-11-10 until:2018-11-12

Using the advanced commands can save us a lot of time. Once we write the query (hashtag, etc.) we will hit “create your report”. You can create reports by language or types of reports. This will help you to have more specific reports apart from your initial search. For example, you can create a general report of the hashtag and at the same time, create another one to have only the tweets in English. The information you can get is incalculable.

Step 2: Checking the number of tweets of our hashtag

Once we click on “create your report” we will go to the Twitter advanced report. This will show the “numbers” of our hashtag in a very simple way. This is very easy to understand. You will see something like this:

Calculate the tweets a hashtag has
The number of tweets of a hashtag is give in the “infographic report”

The big number on the top of the report (3,260 in this case) show the total number of tweets. However, this number contains both types of tweets:

  • Original tweets: tweets written by accounts and containing text, pictures or links.
  • Retweets: this are just a repetition of a tweet. It doesn’t contain any original content.

So the number of tweets contains both original and retweets. If you just wanted to check how many tweets this hashtag has, you got it. You already reached your goal. However, we always recommend to separate original tweest from retweets. Why? because you need to know how many tweets were actually created. You need to know if your hashtag made people create content of just retweeted. In step number 3 we will explain how to find it out and here you can read more information about this topic.

Step 3: Separating original tweets and retweets

It is very easy as well to separate the number of original tweets and retweets. To make it easy, just go to the advanced report (top right corner) and you will see something like this:

Discover the stats powered by Tweet Binder

In this new example we show a report containing 9,648 tweets. In the chart below we see the number of retweets, 8,347 in this case. We just do the math and we will have both numbers:

  • Retweets: 8,347.
  • Original tweets: 9,648 – 8,347 = 1,301

Getting the general statistics is really simple. However, from Tweet Binder we want to help you get as much information as possible. For this reason, we recommend that you also take a look at the rest of the report. We detail some of the metrics that you can find.

More Twitter stats for free

If you run a free report with Tweet Binder you will enjoy a new world full of metrics. You will discover the total amount of tweets but you will also find out the total number of users that use the hashtag, the potential impacts (the number of times that the hashtag could have been seen) and reach and the average between tweets and contributors and followers per contributor. The report includes the timeline activity, up to six user rankings and the most important pics. 

All this information is more than enough to have a vision of the campaign or event that you have analyzed. However, we like to go one step further at Tweet Binder. Our free Twitter report also includes the economic value of your search. In other words, thanks to our tool, you will be able to calculate how much money you would need to pay to achieve this hashtag activity. This is a new metric that will surely enchant your customers. We are here to help if you have any doubt about this.

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