How many tweets a hashtag has? How to calculate it

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Knowing the number of tweets of a hashtag is a great start to measure a campaign

One of the most common questions we receive (specially in the early days of Tweet Binder) is “how can I know how many tweets a hashtag has?“. The number of tweets in a hashtag is something everyone wants/needs to know. We will see in this post how to find it out using Tweet Binder, that’s pretty easy but we need to know that the number of tweets is not the most important metric when analyzing a hashtag. We have some other metrics that are also key, but let’s start first calculating the number of tweets in a hashtag.

Click here to calculate the
number of tweets in a hashtag

You may want to use the number of tweets to create a Twitter hashtag battle for example:

Friendly fight between teams on Twitter
Football hashtags battle. How many tweets a hashtag has?

4 simple steps to find out the number of tweets in a hashtag

Knowing the number of tweets a hashtag has is quite easy. We will just be following these simple 4 steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Twitter account (Mandatory by Twitter)
  3. Enter the hashtag to track in the search box and press “SEEK”
  4. You will arrive to the infographic report. The number of tweets is on the top of the page

The first report Tweet Binder offers, known as “the infographic report” contains the main metrics of the hashtag. You can click on the “advanced report” button, on the top right corner of the page. Then you will go to a much deeper report where you will find more metrics besides the number of tweets.

Tweet Binder gives us the number of tweets of a hashtag in seconds
The number of tweets of a hashtag is give in the “infographic report”

The importance of the number of tweets

Being easy to get doesn’t make the number of tweets less important. The number of tweets of a hashtag is a important metric, not the only one, but it is key. Twitter includes under the name “tweet” the “original tweets” and the “retweets”:

  • Original tweets: they are the tweets that add content. It can be a reply, a text tweet, a link, a picture or a mention. They add new content, they are original.
  • Retweets: they are just repetitions of a tweet. Twitter says they are re-postings of a tweet. Retweets do not add anything new, just amplify the impact of a hashtag or message.

Every hashtag has its own goals and, depending of those goals you will want original tweets or retweets. Retweets are always welcome, of course, but if your campaign is about adding content (pictures contest, etc.) you will want more original tweets than retweets. Of course there are always exceptions, if a famous celebrity sends an original tweet or just retweets, the number of retweets generally increases.

How to get 100% of the tweets of a Hashtag

Tweet Binder FREE will give the last 2,000 tweets of the last 7 days. That’s enough for most of the hashtags you’d need to track, however, how can we get all the tweets of hashtags outside those 7 days? Or, how can we get the tweets of a hashtag that has more than 2,000 tweets? You will need access to the PRO Version of Tweet Binder where you can run reports Twitter reports on hashtags without limitations.

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