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#SanIsidro18: Discover the key behind this Twitter trend

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#SanIsidro18 is a Twitter trend

This year 2018 #SanIsidro18 posters are being trendy on Twitter. The city Council of Madrid bets on the illustrator Mercedes DeBellard. This campaign is awesome and some posters have aroused the interest of the users. They show women who reflect the spirit of #SanIsidro18 and the city of Madrid. The floral print that has been used connects this year’s posters with what we saw last year. However, on this occasion we see very different women who perfectly embody the spirit of the festival. It has been very successful, a Twitter trend, and we will analyze it thanks to our tool to measure social networks.

Why has it become a Twitter trend?

Becoming a trend on Twitter is not easy. Lots of people have to use your hashtag during a concrete period of time in order to become a trend. If you are organizing a popular event or festival, it is expected to become a trend. But it does not necessarily have to be that way. #SanIsidro is a festivity only celebrated in Madrid and it has attract the attention of people out of that city. The author has correctly connected with the public. Her illustrations show simple emotions, cheerful women enjoying this party that is celebrated every spring in Madrid. The public reactions have been incredible and really positive. The hashtag #SanIsidro18 already has a lot of activity on Twitter, it is now a Twitter trend due to the good acceptance of their posters.

Twitter trend: Measurable data

Is our hashtag a Twitter trend? This is very easy to measure. This is achieved thanks to monitoring tools such as Tweet Binder. It is only necessary to type the hashtag that we want to analyze and the tool automatically generates the report. In this case, we have done the search for the hashtag #SanIsidro18. The report shows that in the last 7 days, more than 2,000 tweets included that hashtag.

Why it is important to measure social networks

In this case, the Twitter report shows us the statistics of the hashtag. Many people are talking about San Isidro and their posters as well as the festivities. An advanced report allows us to know many details about the activity that the hashtag is having on this social network. For example, we are able to discover the 10 related hashtags. In this case, we can find #MercedesdeBellard among them. This reflects how much the users are talking about her work.

Find out how to use the Tweet Binder reports to measure social networks. You can check out our blog or contact us. In addition, with the new version that is about to be launched, we offer new metrics that will give you even more information about our hashtag. Please contact our team for more information about our plans or our reports. Or, if you prefer, visit our website to measure social networks. This way you can test it yourself and make reports for free.