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Advertising campaigns and Twitter hashtags: Why are they important?

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Advertising campaigns and Twitter hashtags

Nowadays everybody knows what a hashtag is. If you don’t, don’t worry, we are going to explain it to you. A hashtag is a keyword accompanied by a sign like this: #. We use this words to distinguish tweets which are related between them from the rest of the content found on Twitter. The hashtag’s main aim is to group all the tweets talking about the same subject. So, are hashtags related to advertising? Of course they are. It is really common to use Twitter hashtags in your advertising campaign. And in Tweet Binder we’re experts when analyzing Twitter hashtags.

Analyze your campaign

How to create the Twitter hashtag for your advertising campaign

There are some aspects we have to be aware of when creating a hashtag for our advertising campaign. Our hashtag has to be simple and easy to remember. We cannot use too complicated words or make it extremely long. If we do that, people won’t remember it and as a consequence, they won’t use it. Our hashtag has to be unique and we, as a company, have to be the first to use it. We have to be the first but we have to use it permanently. It has to be included in every single action in our advertising campaign.

If you have doubts about to check if your ideal hashtag is taken, visit Twitter. Twitter’s browser is pretty useful. There, for example, you can include your hashtag and check out if it has already been used. If not, your are lucky! If it is not free, then you may have to try harder and check your new hashtag on the browser.

Why is it important to include Twitter hashtags in your advertising campaign?

They are really helpful to increase our brand’s presence on social media. Twitter hashtags help making our content much more viewable by going beyond our followers; they are also used for engaging with our customers. Hashtags allow them to join conversations about our advertising campaign, our products or simply our brand.

So, it is important because using Twitter hashtags definitely encourages our audience to take part in conversations and to engage with other people who are also talking about our brand. People talking about us results on a higher presence on social media and a greater number of people hearing about us.

Once people have used my Twitter hashtag, what do I do?

After launching your advertising campaign the best thing we can do is measuring its impact. Tweet Binder is the best tool to measure how far did your Twitter hashtag go. It is really simple, we just have to enter our Twitter hashtag in the search box and the tool does it all by itself.

advertising campaign Tweet Binder
Tweet Binder is a tool to analyze advertising campaigns

Once the term is analyzed, the tool directly generates a Twitter report. There are two versions, the free and the PRO. The one you choose depends on the dimensions of your advertising campaign. If the amount of data to analyze is big, you will need a PRO report. And trust us, if you need to use a PRO report, that means that your advertising campaign has been successful!

Tweet Binder is launching a new version which is faster and more effective than ever. Until that moment, feel free to try our tool and analyze what’s going on around your Twitter hashtag.

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