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Importance of social media statistics

Twitter sentiment analytics

Why is it important to get social media statistics?

It’s no news that digital marketing is the way to promote your business in this digital era. Nowadays all users spend most of their time on Social Media and on the internet. This has made companies turn their efforts and marketing strategies to these platforms as well. You get to see professional profiles of businesses on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Wherever you go, you’ll find businesses and companies building their brand and notoriety online and offline to target all kind of users and that use hashtag tracking. Therefore, social media statistics are key to succeed.

Social Media statistics with Tweet Binder

Hashtags are one of the recent technological and social media statistics revolution . They that helped A LOT of companies build a name for themselves and get more recognition. Before 2007, hashtags simply meant and referred to the # symbol. However, since Twitter began using them in 2007. It started referring to any word preceded by the symbol #. Hashtags first appeared to facilitate search results and narrow them for users. But now they’re one of the most important technics to raise social media awareness and to promote businesses. Some hashtags trend quicker than others. In fact, the more trendy it is, the more it helped the user reach more people.

Reasons to use hashtags

There a lot of reasons for you to use hashtags, but here are three main ones:

  • Increase in reach: with the right hashtags. You’ll be able to increase reach and awareness. Especially if you use hashtag tracking to choose the right one.
  • Build an online brand: every brand uses hashtags related to them. For example, Oreo uses the hashtag #Oreo, Coca-cola uses the hashtag #Cocacola, you get the idea. Using hashtags related to your brand might help them get trendy. Also, this way you’ll be able to quickly build a brand online.
  • Attract the right clients and audience: Hashtags not only help your brand to grow online, but they also help you to attract the right audience. Those who search for the same hashtags you’re using will be more likely to become the right audience for you. This way you’ll raise natural organic traffic and they will be more loyal.

How to use a hashtag

Hashtags are quite useful as as was aforementioned, but now, how can you actually use hashtags and know which ones to use? Although hashtags are very effective, not every hashtag will get you the traffic and reach you’re looking for, that’s why using the right ones is key on every strategy.

So here are these 3 pieces of advice to help you choose the right hashtags:

  • Check what your competitors are using: As a brand, you probably have so many competitors that are leveraging hashtags for their benefits as well. Maybe some even gained so many loyal followers and users just because of this tactic. If by reading this you’ve got one brand or two in mind who have great success on social media platforms, then you should use some of the same hashtags. This way you’ll be able to follow the same tactic that helps them succeed and use it for your benefit.
  • Be specific in your hashtags: Sometimes when using hashtags, you might come across some that have more than 10M posts with them, these hashtags are probably too general, like #chocolate which has more than 70,4m posts. If you use this one your post will soon be engulfed by another one in a matter of seconds or minutes. This way, you should use specific hashtags that have a high search rate but don’t have that many posts being published every minute with them.
  • Check what’s trending: These days, there a lot of things that quickly go on trend, and the more trendy it is the more people will be looking for it. So, if you’re looking for a way to attract more followers, then trendy hashtags are the way-to-go, look for what people are talking about and are searching for in each platform and which hashtags they use to refer to the trend, and use them when publishing a post. That way you’ll be up-to-date on what people are looking for and raise some modest and great reach out of it.

What hashtags to use for each social media platform

Choosing the right hashtag is a difficult task. After choosing the hashtag, you need to decide whether you are going to publish it on one social media platform or another. In this post, we will be focusing on the two main platforms which are widely used around the globe: Twitter and Instagram. Their social media statistics are key to determine the success or performance of a brand or campaign.

Hashtags for Twitter

Twitter is certainly one of the first platforms to ever use hashtags and it certainly made a great success thanks to it. This has turned it into one of the best platforms out there where you can use hashtags and double your reach with them. Twitter enables its users to look for top posts using a specific hashtag which makes it a very good platform to leverage hashtags. Its data are key social media statistics in marketing strategies

To make the best out of every post, you need to use only one or two hashtags that are 100% related to your message. If there’s a trend out there that’s related with your messaging then take advance of it and use it to extend your brand’s reach.

How to create free Twitter reports

After logging in, you will be sent to the collections panel. This is where all the reports are located. The search box is always available. It allows you to create the free Twitter reports quickly. As a result, searches are much more comfortable. Once we have written the term that we want to analyze, we have to click on the “Create My Report” button. That’s when our free report is automatically generated.

Twitter search tool
#CASANETFLIX Twitter hashtag report by Tweet Binder

A FREE report includes basic Tweet Binder statistics. This means that they do not include as many metrics as the PRO reports. As we have already said, they include up to 2,000 tweets from the last seven days. Tweet Binder is a free hashtag tracking tool that provides all these Twitter data:

  • The data range of the report
  • Number of analyzed tweets
  • Typology of tweets
  • Users that have sent tweets with the analyzed term
  • The economic market value of our search
  • Potential impression
  • Timeline
  • Ranking of most active and popular users
  • Gallery of images

There are no limits if you want to analyze hashtags for free. As we have already said, you only have to log in with your Twitter account. Since then, you can create free Twitter reports. You can monitor multiple hashtags and use all the information as you need. It is really valuable to have all this information for free and manage it as needed. Don’t you think?

Hashtag tracking for Instagram

Instagram is probably one of the most used platforms over this last decade, especially now with the new option of IGTV and stories. Instagram is here to beat all competition. So does its social media statistics. You can use hashtags in the caption of your post, in the comments, on your stories… so, basically, Instagram hashtags can be typed anywhere on Instagram. Since last year, you can even follow a hashtag that you like and see the updates and the new posts that keep showing up.

What’s even greater is the fact that Instagram gives you the possibility to use a lot of hashtags on your post, so you can use 0 to 30 hashtags which gives you more exposure and reach by targeting all these different but related hashtags. It is important to keep in mind that all those hashtags need to be related to your brand. If the 30 hashtags don’t seem enough for you, you can comment on your post with all the hashtags you want and find related to your post and even exceed 20 ones.

Instagram hashtag analytics

Tweet Binder also offers Instagram analytics for hashtags. This feature has not a free version but the paid version gives back a lot of stats.

  • Total posts
  • Type of posts ( photos and videos)
  • Potential impacts and reach
  • Total contributors
  • Impact and reach related stats
  • Economic stats
  • Contributor ranking
  • Media ranking
  • Graphs representing the statistic of the hashtag
  • Posts per contributor
  • Hashtags ranking
Instagram analytics report
Tweet Binder analyzes Instagram hashtags

Hashtag tracking in 2019

Now that the importance and use of hashtags has become very obvious, it’s time to understand how to track them. But first, why should you track your hashtags? Hashtag tracking is certainly a practice that is still in the dark and that a lot of people ignore. Hashtag tracking enables you to find out which ones work best for you. Also, which ones actually helped you gaining more audience and reach.

By knowing which hashtags are working for you and which are not, you’ll be able to get rid of the useless ones and concentrate on the ones that bring users to your social media page and profile. With hashtag tracking, you’ll be able to find out the trendy and the most researched ones that will help you creating useful and effective campaigns with the data you’ve collected. Hashtag analysis makes you understand the level of interest and attitude of your Instagram or Twitter users. This will help creating the most effective hashtag collection.

Social media statistics are important for any marketing strategy. Hashtag analytics are no different, understanding the analytics means producing ads that are more effective. It’s very  easy to produce useless marketing campaigns that cost a lot of money for nothing. So, why not maximize their effectiveness the best you can? Creating a list of the most effective hashtags for each platform will help your ads, posts, stories and overall account find its way to the feed of thousands or even millions of people. For tracking websites, you’ll need tracking tools whether it’s apps or online websites. These tools will help you to track hashtags and understand them thoroughly with their highly detailed reports.

Any professional marketer and social media manager knows this. Which is why tracking tools are the most valuable asset for social media managers who focus on growth and raising reach. According to a report that was done by Demand metric and Netbase, it seems that 60% of 125 marketers use social media statistics tools for campaign tracking, this is why Topsy was very famous amongst marketers. This social media analytic tools was used for customer care, influencer ranking, product launch, and so many other things.

Tweet Binder: The tool to get social media statistics

Twitter analytics is daily used by any company or advertising and communication agency. It is not enough to think and launch campaigns with a hashtag. We need to accurately measure all its impact to make decisions and improve. Frequently we get these questions asked: How many users have shared tweets about my event? How many times my hashtag has been used? Which has been the impact of my campaign? All of those questions find their answer easily if we use a tool to measure hashtags. Thanks to Tweet Binder, not only you can analyze hashtags for free but you also have access to historical Twitter data with no time limit.

As each campaign or event is something unique, we offer different types of analytical reports to get the best results. These reports are perfect for events or campaigns that extend over time. With access to the constantly updated data, we can assess the course of the campaign in question. They are also very useful for making decisions or for getting ahead of a potential reputation crisis on Twitter.

Try Tweet Binder now!

Regardless of how your campaign or event is, we have the answer to all of your questions through analytical reports on Twitter. In addition, you can check our Twitter hashtag analytics plan so your reports have no limits.However, if none of the above are what you need we can always make a customized plan just for you. Do not hesitate and contact us right away so that we can talk about our plans or anything you need regarding Tweet Binder and social media statistics!