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Geolocate tweets in real time with Tweet Binder

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Your wish ir our command!

Tweet Binder tries to constantly innovate and improve. For that reason, we always try to listen very closely to our customers and users. Many of our services or new features have been developed thanks to received suggestions or comments. As you may already know, our reports offer complete Twitter and Instagram stats. It doesn’t matter if you need a real time tracking, an historical analysis or a PRO report. Every analysis is very complete and intuitive. Moreover, we try to adapt them to our customers needs. That is why we have launched a new feature. Do you need to geolocate tweets in real time? Your wish ir our command! We are happy to introduce the Geolocation on Twitter. From now on, you will be able to display Twitter activity on a map.

This comes after a long time of study and development and we are happy to introduce it to you. Locating tweets on a map is very useful when launching global campaigns or when tracking an event that will affect to different parts of the world or a country. As you will later see, we have started by developing a map for the Referendum that may take place on the 1st of October in Catalonia (Spain).

Geolocation on Twitter

It is very useful and interesting to locate Instagram pics. We offer activity location for marketing campaigns and the latest breaking news. It is essential for to tourism or institutional campaigns to know where people are sharing content from. We not only have the data but also the geolocation information. This information is already available in our Instagram reports but we have gone further. Tweet Binder can create a site to follow in real time all the Twitter activity and locate it into a map.

Display the content into a map

One of the most important uses of geolocation on Twitter is to track breaking news and events. In fact, Tweet Binder has developed a site for KREAB and its political observatory for the 1st October in Catalonia. This microsite is analyzing all the content shared about the referendum. Thanks to this new feature, we are able to discover where the people are tweeting from and what hashtag they are using. Value is added to each publication besides the quantitative data we already provide.

This site, developed along with, geolocates tweets that have been shared with different hashtags. The latest events in Catalonia leave us no choice but to keep an eye on what is being said and what occurs there. However, we can not only focus on Catalonia, it is also necessary and relevant to see what is being said from other parts of Spain and event the world. That’s why this map is so useful. To get a global view and a global idea of which topics are more relevant in certain places is key to make up our mind about this issue.

This is just an example of how geolocation on Twitter can be used. There are many other ways and type of campaigns where this can be included. Do you have any idea on mind about how to use this map for a different action? Contact us!