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GRAMMYs Twitter activity – 2019 most relevant tweets

It’s Monday but not a regular one. Even if you knew it or not, now you may be fully aware that Sunday night was a big one. There were not one but two big entertainment events. Starting from the UK we had the BAFTA awards and following with the U.S.A. the Grammy’s took place in Los Angeles. Where Cardi B, Childish Gambino and Hip-Hop made history. In this post we will analyze the GRAMMYs Twitter activity during this special night! Join us during this great music event.

As we have mentioned before, when a big event like those happen, Twitter becomes the place to be. Or to tweet. Anyway, Twitter has turned out to be the social network to get details and highlights of events. Besides, we are always keen to share opinions. There’s no better place to do it than Twitter.

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GRAMMYS on Twitter

Official hashtag and official handle: #GRAMMYs & @RecordinAcad

One of the most important parts of this kind of global events is its Marketing and Communication plan. Everything may seem casual with these events, anyway nothing is left to casualty. A basic issue is tho find our or to share an easy and recognizable official hashtag. In addition, it usually also helps to have a clear Twitter handle.

The Grammys Twitter team has it controlled with the hashtag #GRAMMYs. Not that much with the Twitter account: @RecordingAcad. With almost three million followers they tweet like a PRO, but it may seem difficult to tag them in a tweet.

However, as we have pointed out, their Twitter timeline offer a complete resume of what happened last night. In fact, they have shared over 400 tweets since yesterday:

After analyzing all the tweets they have shared, Ariana Grande’s win was the most retweeted and liked. It may helped the fact that Grande declined to attend the ceremony. And, of course, her fans aim to support her no matter her assistance or not. A huge success from the winners at the event was BTS. Actually, he BTS fanbase prove that they are actively supporting them online too. This is the second most retweeted and like tweet from @RecordinfAcad:


The official hashtag was well shared on every tweet sent by the official account. It has also been heavily shared during the last hours. Although the hashtag #Grammys2019 has a lot of activity, #GRAMMYs is with no doubt the hashtag most shared and used to tweet about the 61st GRAMMY Awards.

#GRAMMYs top tweets

We have already written about the top official tweets. But, as we know, Twitter and its activity is unpredictable. Or, at least, it is so usually.

With an event with so much celebrities and well known persons, Twitter proves to be the fans place to be. The tweets and retweets at this events peak really heavy levels. A live event and the immediacy of the social networks are key to achieve this one as the most retweeted and like tweet with #GRAMMYs on it:

BTS again! However, not all the tweets and the attention was focused on them. In fact, besides the awards and the winners (congrats y’all!) there were a few poignant moments. They we tweeted and commented as well:

Michelle Obama appearance is one of the non musical most commented appearances

Also, the hostess of the night, Alicia Keys, gave a hint about another performance of the night:


In this case, none of them used the official hashtag or tagged the official account. Another Twitter account to follow to get to know everything about the #GRAMMYs is the Billboard Twitter handle. As a matter of fact, their tweet about another performance included two really liked items: a gif and the official hashtag

Lady Gaga, who won three awards and won also a BAFTA in the same night, was a who, in fact, shared her joy with the official hashtag:

As Lady Gaga, Cardi B, the first female artist to win the best Rap Album award relied on Twitter to share her thankfulness and excitement:

It was also a rap song that won for the first time the Song of the Year thanks to Childish Gambino:

You can run your own Twitter search in the look for the most commented tweets or those that are about your favorite artist and song. There are millions of tweets for your entertainment.

The GRAMMYs on Twitter – Use Twitter for fun

Because there is no doubt that Twitter is also a source of constant creativity and fun. Always being polite and with good manners, users prove to be on the verge on their screens to be the most sharp about anything that happens in this kind of event.

We have a few tweets that shows that Twitter users are totally great to amuse and bring out the most of the reality they witness: 

Analyze and tweet like a #GRAMMYs winner

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