The Augusta Masters Tournament 2017 on Twitter

This has been an amazing week for golf lovers. The Augusta Masters Tournament took place and we couldn’t miss the opportunity of tracking its activity on Twitter. The official hashtag #TheMasters received 519,091 tweets since the beginning of the tournament on the 3rd of April. It peak of activity was on the last day when it received 299,550 tweets.

Graphic activity of the hashtag #TheMasters since the 3rd of April
Tweets with #TheMasters since the 3rd of April

Twitter activity of @TheMasters and @AUG_Masters

We have tracked the tweets @TheMasters has sent and its Twitter stats are amazing. They have sent 195 tweet that have generated 143,583,960 impressions.

Analysis of the tweets sent by @TheMasters
Twitter Stats for the tweets sent by @TheMasters using #TheMasters

The tweet from @TheMasters that has attracted more attention from Twitter users, has been the one congratulating the champion @TheSergioGarcia. This tweet has had 9,544 ReTweets and 13,603 likes and these numbers are increasing each minute! So, congrats to @TheMasters and to the winner @TheSergioGarcia.

Most relevant tweet from @TheMasters using #TheMasters
Most relevant tweet from @TheMasters

Now, we are going to analyze the tweets @TheMasters has sent mentioning the three winners of the tournament: Sergio García (@TheSergioGarcia), Justin Rose (@JustinRose99) and Charl Schwartzel (@CA_Schwartzel).

  • Sergio García has received 11 tweets generating 8,099,608 impacts
  • Justin Rose: 4 tweets generating 2,945,312 impacts
  • Charl Schwartzel: 8 tweets generating 5,890,624 impacts

We have also analyzed the activity surrounding the account@AUG_Masters. We tracked the twitter mentions it has received as well as the tweets they sent since the 3rd of April.

On the one hand, we can see the @AUG_Masters has received 1,893 tweets from 1,167 different users generating 21,284,240 impressions. @MEHernandez25 sent 63 of those tweets, becoming the most active user on mentioning @AUG_Masters. As for the account with highest impact, @Gazzetta_it sent 3 tweets generating 4,921,128 impacts.

User's Rankings of #TheMasters
Ranking of the most active users of #TheMasters and with the Highest impact

On the other hand, we are going to analyze the tweets @AUG_Masters sent since the 3rd of April. The account sent 562 tweets generating 13,228,918 impacts on Twitter. With our Twitter analytics report we are capable of seeing how many of those tweets mentioned each of the champions of the tournament.

With this account we are also going to focus on the tweets mentioning the three winners. With Tweet Binder you can classify the tweets inside your report in different binders. This comes in very handy when you have sponsors and speakers at your event or, as in this case, different players at a tournament.

These are the stats for those players for tweets sent from @AUG_Masters:

  • Sergio García: 97 tweets & 2,283,283 impacts
  • Justin Rose: 51 tweets & 1,271,106 impacts
  • Charl Schwartzel: 8 tweets & 188,312 impacts

Doing a Twitter hashtag analysis after any sport’s event is very interesting as you can see what the fans think about the players and the matches. You can find out who is the most supportive user of your team and give them special treatment. At Tweet Binder we are keen on creating different features for sports, if you feel you need to do something to support your team, contact us and we will gladly help you!