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Definitely, we are different

If you are thinking about choosing a Social Media tracking tool, you may find many options. There are too many indeed. That’s what makes it more difficult to choose one. But that is not a problem for Tweet Binder! In this post we are going to give you 7 reasons to choose us. 

Reason 1: Human team

Our human team is the most important part of our company. They are very caring and are 24/7 available for our clients. They work very fast and professionally in order to offer you the best services and to give you good advice. You’ve got any doubts? Don’t worry because they are always willing to help you!

Reason 2: Our free version

Whereas other Social Media tracking tools offer a very basic free sample, we give you the chance to use our platform as many times as you want. Our free version has limits, obviously. But it is quite enough to analyze small amounts of data. You will get a free Twitter report where you will find out how far your hashtag or keyword has reached.

Details about our free version, one of the reasons for choosing us.
Details about our free version.

Reason 3: Our plans

We offer different plans among which you can choose. The one that fits you depends on the type of campaign you need to analyze. You can obtain Twitter reports, Instagram reports or both. You can have an annual or a monthly subscription. It depends on your needs but… You will always find the perfect option!

The best thing about our plans is being free to manage your Twitter reports. You can create as many collections as you need to. This means that you don’t need anybody creating them for you. You can choose how, when, where and why you are doing your Twitter reports. Even though you can do it yourself, feel free to ask for some help if needed!

Reason 4: Not being questioned 

You are the one that decides when to start and when to finish. We won’t question you if you decide not to continue using our Social Media tracking tool. It will be a pity, but feel free to make the decision. We will feel grateful for having helped you throughout the process! But don’t forget to tell us if something is not working correctly. We are always learning and improving thanks to our customers. 

Reason 5: Custom projects

We are also keen on custom project. They are a great opportunity to get in contact with you and let our ideas fly! We love listening to you and giving you advice. It is really exciting to talk to each other and develop a project in common that covers all your needs.

Reason 6: Anyone can use it

We are not going to ask for any personal details about you. It doesn’t matter where are you from, what’s the name of your company, where do you work… You just need to log in with your Twitter account and you can use it freely!

Reason 7: It’s easy to use

Our platform is really easy to use. Just enter the hashtag or keyword you want to analyze and you’ll get your Twitter report! Although using Tweet Binder is now effortless, our new version will be much more simple! 

Not convinced yet?

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