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Embed our search box in your wordpress site

With a simple plugin you can embed our search box in your site. If you are managing a wordpress site, you can let your readers create free Twitter analytics reports. This is a different way to become a Tweet Binder partner. Create your own content and let your users create their Twitter reports. If you want to know more, contact our team and they will guide you through the steps.

Get your own Twitter Analytics platform

By creating a partnership with Tweet Binder, you will be able to have your own Twitter Analytics Platform. Forget about having Tweet Binder’s name in the reports you create and create your own brand for the reports. This option is perfect for those companies and agencies that have to present the reports to their clients and managers. By having your own Twitter Analytics platform you will have total control of your reports and analytics.

Sell and distribute Tweet Binder

Become a Tweet Binder agent. Selling and distributing Tweet Binder means that you will manage the clients Tweet Binder has in your region as well as working on obtaining new clients there. That region is the field of action of the agent and all the profits go to them. The retribution system depends on each regional area. If you want to explore more this option do not hesitate and contact us to start selling and distributing Tweet Binder’s services.

Invest in the company

Tweet Binder is a well-known company all over the globe. This Social Media analytics platform analyzes Twitter and Instagram worldwide and generates quick and easy reports. With a big amount of clients and users coming to the platform every day, Tweet Binder is an attractive company for investors. We have a team who leads these request. If you need to know more, contact them and they will schedule a call with you to see the different options.

Connect to our API

If you have the resources to create the software to analyze Social Media but you need the connection to Twitter or Instagram, the API option is what you need. We can provide raw data in different formats for you to insert them in your analytics platform and serve the stats to your clients and users. Our team is specialized in this feature and is available to answer all the questions about this that you may have.

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At Tweet Binder we have developed innovative software solutions that provide services worldwide. Our market is not closed to a region nor to a product. Tweet Binder evolves as the market evolves. The team is always in touch with the market and the clients to keep track of the new demands.

Our international agents have freedom to sell and distribute our product on the region they have been assigned. The fee and retribution system is very simple and depends on each region. The program is very simple and Tweet Binder takes good care with the selection of the candidates as they become the face of the brand in that country or region.

Tweet Binder has its doors open to talking with investors. We have a specialized team that manages this area and takes care of speaking with them. Each investor may have their focus in different business areas and Tweet Binder team will talk with them about the information they need.