Hashtag Battle – UEFA Champions League Final

What an amazing weekend for football fans not only in Spain but all around the world! We were able to enjoy the never disappointing match of the UEFA Champions League Final. The match was between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. A great match was assured.

We knew this was going to be a huge deal on Twitter so we teamed up with the Havas team to build an online match. We created this hashtag battle on Twitter between those teams. It was decided to use the hashtags of the teams which were #AporlaUndécima and #NuncaDejesDeCreer for Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, respectively.


Hashtag Battle for the final match of the UCL
Hashtag Battle for the UCL final match

We had it active for the week of the match and fans all over the world started tweeting to make their teams win. The site had a huge amount of activity and results were very equal for both teams on the precious days. However, it seems that Real Madrid has more active fans on Twitter has the final result made this team win 363,159 tweets.

As you can see, everything can be turned into a hashtag feud. In this case it was a football match, but even a company’s convention or a product presentation can have its own hashtag feud to involve the audience on it.

So, are you planning on throwing your own hashtag battle? It’s on! Contact us right away and we will start planning all the details about your battle.