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Hack attack to FC Barcelona’s Twitter account – #FCBHack

It seems that hack attacks are becoming more and more common nowadays. There have been relevant attacks to big companies or to big video streaming platforms; let’s remember the last one to HBO with the episodes of Game of Thrones. Also, don’t forget that there still are people thinking that what is happening with Taylor Swift’s accounts is a hack attack (we still have faith and hope she releases a new album). Hack attacks are a surprise and we don’t always know how to react to them. The last one to be hacked has been the Spanish football team Futbol Club Barcelona.

They published a tweet announcing the transfer of Di Maria to their team. Of course, once the managers of the account detected this tweet, they deleted. However, lots of users took screenshots of the tweet:

As we can see, the tweet had a lot of repercussion: it had more than 13K likes, 11K Retweets and 1,606 comments.

But that was not it, the hackers are a group named OurMine and they kept tweeting from the account @FCBarcelona_es. They claimed to be responsible of the attacked and they even proposed the followers to tweet using the hashtag #FCBHack.

This also led to lots of mocks and memes on Twitter. Users are very clever when something like this happens and the results were hilarious. We recommend you to

Twitter Statistics of #FCBHack

As a Twitter monitoring tool we couldn’t miss the opportunity of analyzing this hashtag on Twitter. It has had a lot of repercussion and here are the main stats of it:

Total Tweets 13,653
Original Tweets (No RTs) 6,105
Retweets 7,548
Users 9,107
Impressions 45,349,166
Reach 33,182,683

Now let’s dig a little bit deeper to see what kind of users have tweeted with the hashtag. A potential reach of 33,182,683 is a very big number so some relevant accounts may have tweeted with the hashtag. If you want to remember what impressions and reach are and what is the difference between them, you can read this post.

Most active accounts

@ivanacorcho1994 44 posts
@aniqjofficial 41 posts
@VinceNotKompany 26 posts
@arbenitez1992 25 posts
@el_mocho 24 posts

Most popular accounts

@NoticiasRCN 7,161,499 followers
@lafm 1,856,635 followers
@DeportesRCN 1,690,051 followers
@OKAZ_online 1,395,414 followers
@ElBaladOfficial 1,156,499 followers

As important as knowing who has tweeted is knowing what they have tweeted. To know this you can read every tweet in the report or you can check two useful rankings that Tweet Binder provides:

Most mentioned users

@FCBarcelona 551 mentions
@FCBarcelona_es 347 mentions
@jmbartomeu 117 mentions
@neymarjr 32 mentions
@FCBarcelona_cat 22 mentions

Top hashtags

#bartomeudimiteya 223 tweets
#bartomeudimitehoy 206 tweets
#dimariafcb 142 tweets
#phoenixrally 79 tweets
#Barcelona 75 tweets


We can obtain lots of conclusions after analyzing these stats. But the important thing here is knowing how to react to a hack attack. You should always keep calm and not start taking non-sense actions. In this case, we can say that FC Barcelona has reacted correctly by deleting the tweets and letting their followers know what has happened. So, what if you ever suffer a hack attack? Well, we hope that this never happens to you but, if it does, you can rely on us to analyze its repercussion in Social Media.