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#Barcelona92: 36,257 tweets for nostalgics

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Olympic Games without social networks?

Nowadays it is unthinkable an sportive event without using or checking social networks. We always analyze and report Twitter and Instagram data as we are used to receive constant updates via Twitter. Besides, we are now so familiar to see and give likes to Instagram publications of any competition or athlete so fast. The immediacy with which we consume social media content and the presence of Twitter and Instagram is something as assimilated as recent. What would have happened if Twitter had existed back in #Barcelona92?

#Barcelona92 turns 25

On July 25, 2017, 25 years of the Olympic Games of # Barcelona92 were celebrated. Back then there were no Twitter or Instagram, but those Olympic Games have been remembered with nostalgic by the users from both social networks. Here at Tweet Binder we have decided to pay homage to the Olympic Games that “changed history” with a Twitter report and a Instagram report about #Barcelona92:

Twitter report by Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder allows to analyze any hashtag with no date range limit, but… ¿Until 1992? ¡Impossible! In 1992 Twitter wasn’t even in his founder’s mind but we have created a Twitter report to check out how the official #Barcelona92 hashtag has evolved during July, the month that has marked 25 years since Barcelona’s opening ceremony.

Along July 36,257 tweets have been shared under the commemorative hashtag #Barcelona92. It’s quite a little number considering that if Twitter had existed when the Olympic Games took place, but it turns out impressive the number of impacts achieved on the anniversary: 529,019,471. Those numbers have been gotten thanks to 25,061 accounts that have tweeted with the hashtag.

Though the hashtag has had activity during the whole month, the 25th of July, the exact day of the opening ceremony anniversary was when most of the tweets were shared according the Twitter report created by Tweet Binder. During that day 1,322 original tweets were posted, 15,231 retweets, 311 replies and 4,376 pictures and links.

In addition, we can find out the most active accounts that have tweeted about #Barcelona92 and those most popular ones. In the most active ranking, the accounts that are destacable are @pti10vk with 101 tweets, @COE_es with 99 tweets, @EDUMERINO35 with 62 tweets and @EFEdeportes with 53 tweets. On the other hand, the most popular according to the number of followers that they have are:

@FCBarcelona_es 11,449,564
@muyinteresante 8,163,975
@el_pais 6,256,549
@FCBarcelona_cat 5,501,147
@Olympics 5,471,064
@marca 4,683,530
@mangelrogel 4,610,612
@MeridianoTV 2,889,867
@elmundoes 2,865,215

#Barcelona92 Instagram analytics

Tweet Binder lets analyze any Twitter hashtag but also any Instagram hashtag. We bet that Instagram would have been the primary social network it the Olympic Games would have taken place nowadays. We have create a Instagram analytics report about the official hashtag with publications posted during July. We have tracked 440,800 likes, 9,708 comments and 2,408 accounts shared content. Regarding the engagement level and impact, it is noticeable the following figures: 16,500,168 impacts and 1,30 engagement (average number of post shared per user).

On the other hand, we can also easily get to know the most active and most popular accounts. Sportive media and event organizers are remarkable:

Most active accounts

@coe_es 34 posts
@arxiufbo 32 posts
@cucadellum43 21 posts
@sonsolesmaratoniana 18 posts
@museuabello 17 posts

Most popular accounts

@olympics 1,617,350 followers
@todonoticias 1,072,944 followers
@bbcsport 952,920 followers
@catalunyaexperience 235,874 followers
@diarioas 216,419 followers

Lastly and thanks to the media rankings that our Instagram report includes, we can easily figure out the post with the highest number of likes and the publication that has achieved most comments, a huge homage to the USA Dream Team.

Now it’s your turn to discover hoy the Olympic Games have paid tribute to Barcelona and check out our reports: #Barcelona92 Twitter data and Instagram analytics.