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Twitter politics – Predictions, Use and Polls

Political polls on Twitter

Twitter and politics, what a world! One of the things that we like the most about it is that you can use Twitter to predict the results of a campaign. We tried back in 2014 the first version of Tweet Binder’s software to predict the result of several elections and got pretty scared at first to see how close the results were. We polished a bit the software so it was easier to adapt to any country and we discovered how Twitter can serve as the perfect Political Poll, the use of twitter in politics is amazing.

You don’t only analyze the twitter trending hashtags of each party, you have to know exactly what to analyze in order to get the best results: results don’t come easy, there are a bit of cooking here, at least that’s what we do and think. What do politicians do on Twitter? That’s a good question and there is a lot of info we can get out of them as well.

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Users talk on Twitter about the political situation of their country and the number of people doing it is much larger than any traditional poll. Of course there are bots and cheaters, but if you have a solid system you can get amazing results. The next picture shows how a Parliament would look like based on the users who sent tweets using the hashtags of each political party: a Twitter Parliament. There are many variables to be taken in consideration here: positive vs negative tweets, type of users, etc. This is complex but fun.

Politics! Twitter! Cheers!
This is the Spanish Parliament, according to Tweet Binder this was going to be the aspect of the elections. Results were actually pretty close.

The use of Twitter in politics

Twitter seems to be the place to be to discuss anything, and with hundreds of people (if not more!) at a time. At Tweet Binder, every day we see reports covering a wide range of topics. Some Twitter users are interested in music, others in cinema and others in art. And of course, there’s plenty more in between. However, there is one topic that seems to be in everyone’s wheelhouse: politics. “Twitter politics” we could call it.

Some days it seems that every single Twitter user wants to express their opinion on political affairs, which makes it no surprise that Twitter is often used as part of political commentary and even campaigns. Twitter and politics are linked, if you open your timeline you can see it in no time. It is about content, not only tracking followers on Twitter.

Do you know that López Obrador @lopezobrador_ (President of Mexico) receives 10.000 mentions in 11 hours!? At Tweet Binder we have done the math and it is absolutely crazy. The phone of Mr. Obrador must be out of battery in one minute if he leaves the Twitter notifications active. Those 10,000 tweets are sent by 6,500 people, again: crazy. Twitter is the perfect place for politics, welcome to The Twitter Politics Era.

Analyze now any Political Hashtag in Tweet Binder

Can we predict the results of an election on Twitter? – Romans No More

Yes, we can predict the result of an election using Twitter data or at least use it as a very reliable poll. Today users express their political ideas on Twitter a lot and that’s something that we can take advantage of. Ok, so maybe it’s not literally every Twitter user that is keen on expressing their political views. Nonetheless it is safe to say that a high percentage of them do. Politics influence our daily lives in so many ways, and some of us are very vocal about this effect. If a world leader tweets something, people from across the world will chime in to express their opinions on what’s been said. Especially if that tweet is controversial in any way. There are actually a lot of Twitter Chats which are pretty controversial and they want it that way. 

Thousands of years ago, the Romans used to gather in forums (not like the online places we all have visited at one time or another, but actual physical places). At these forums, the people involved would spend hours discussing their leaders and other political matters. Nowadays, people gather on Twitter to do just that. But now with the added bonus of knowing that what they have to say goes far beyond their local communities and can sometimes even make real change happen.

A New “Twitter Politics” Age

Like Roman forums, the format of political debate has also evolved over time, particularly now with the rise of social media, especially Twitter. Now, during election time in countries around the globe, Twitter suddenly becomes filled with branded hashtags and terms. Hashtags are a good way of engaging not only with your current voters but also with potential ones. They are a way of starting a conversation about any topic. The best thing about these conversations is that they are public, meaning that anyone can read and join them. So it’s easy to see how political debates can start on Twitter.

Debates are defined as a formal discussion on a particular matter in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward and that usually end with a vote. Debates between candidates do still happen in a formal setting and are most often televised, but with the added ingredient of Twitter. These debates are now far more interactive. Whereas people could only yell at their TV if they disagreed, they now have the option to express their opinions instantly.

With the addition of hashtags into the conversation, the voters can now make sure that they’re heard even more clearly. With social media since it’s more likely that the candidate or the people campaigning for them will see the voters tweets. Oftentimes, candidates will be cautious in responding or entering the conversation, but through hashtags, they can at least see how their constituents may be feeling. Twitter politics at its best!

The main sort of political debate that happens on Twitter is the kind that goes on between voters or supporters of different parties. Often, they tend to become heated very quickly and the people involved tend to be very stuck on their personal views. For this reason, it is important to remain civil in political debates on Twitter. It’s very easy to insult someone, which shouldn’t be the goal of interaction on social media.

Twitter political debate
Analyzing the repercussion of a Political debate on Twitter

Politics have entered a new realm thanks to social media. We have been given the opportunity to use Twitter as a political tool, but we should use it wisely. If it seems that you’re hitting against a wall in discussion with someone, then perhaps the best thing to do would be to keep your opinions to yourself.

Use of Twitter in politics: Example: #Deb4teTVE – Spain’s Political Debate

As was aforementioned, political debates aren’t exclusive to Twitter. They take place over the radio or on TV, like they have for many, many years before Twitter was even thought off. These types of debates are often echoed on Twitter. Some people who watch political debates on TV love to hop on to Twitter to express their opinions somewhere. There they will find both people who agree with them and those who definitely don’t.

In order to track the effect of an Spanish political debate, Tweet Binder, with ISDI and TVE, analyzed all the tweets using the hashtag #Deb4teTVE, and the data was showed on TV. For this purpose, we designed different slides that included the most important information about the political debate. Twitter politics and television, a perfect match!

General Stats

The debate created a great conversation on Twitter between all the users. What we displayed to TV viewers were the main statistics, which included Twitter impressions, contributors and the total amount of tweets. These kind of stats are perfect for creating a general overview of how the political debate has evolved on Twitter. #Deb4teTVE had really good numbers on the platform. Thanks to our Twitter real-time reports, we were able to collect all the stats under the debate’s official hashtag. If you are really interested in the Twitter Politics relation, go now to Tweet Binder to start tracking information from any political party or candidate.

Analyze now any Political account with Tweet Binder

Use Tweet Binder to Analyze Your Hashtags

One of the other things we did for this debate was to design a geolocation Twitter map displaying the cities that shared the highest number of tweets. The TV hosts wanted to see from where their viewers/users were coming from. Thanks to this map, we were able to see which cities were the most active during this Twitter political debate. It is not surprising that Barcelona and Madrid had the highest numbers since they are the main cities of Spain.

Twitter politics analysis of the candidates

We also presented the percentage of tweets of each candidate and political party in order to show their engagement on Twitter. The slides were personalized with the corporate colors, logos, and pictures. These stats are perfect for a Twitter political debate. They allow you to see which of the candidates is the most mentioned in tweets, therefore, the most popular one. However, for this particular political analysis we need to go further. Why was one candidate mentioned more than the other? What were users saying about him?

That’s the key to the analysis, and thanks to Tweet Binder’s classify tab, not only you can check how many times each candidate was mentioned but you can also classify each of those tweets. The reason for this is that  being mentioned many times may not be a good thing. They may be doing poorly in the debate, or maybe there’s something about them that many people don’t like. This way, classifying the tweets makes an immense difference in gauging a candidate’s success. Just because they’re being talked about more than someone else, doesn’t mean that they’re the best candidate.

Twitter Tag Cloud

It’s very important to be aware the main topics of debates. For Spain’s political debate, we created a tag cloud with the most important keywords of the conversation. Tag clouds are very useful for seeing the most commented topics at a glance. Of course, the most used keywords in this instance were the candidates’ names and their political parties. However, through our analysis we also saw that taxes and corruption come up often as concerns of the Spaniards. Twitter and politics issues can be clearly displayed through tags. 

How to use twitter for a political campaign

The use of Twitter in politics has seriously changed the way campaigns are run. Moreover, it has changed how politicians interact with their followers and potential voters. The power of Twitter is vast if we look at how quickly campaigns can go viral, how parties and candidates communicate with followers, and how controversy is dealt with. Most politicians know the importance of being on Twitter, but being on it is not enough. They choose different strategies in order to create their images on social media and achieve their goals.

Thanks to Tweet Binder, we can help you to create a Twitter analysis on how candidates use this social media platform. We can create a Twitter report with all the tweets shared by an account. These reports include all the information and Twitter stats of the content the politician has shared.

Tweets sent by a politician

Tweet Binder can analyze any hashtag, term, or account on Twitter, but we can also go further thanks to Twitter advanced search operators. It is possible to create a collection with more than one hashtag, select the exact period of time and analyze only the tweets shared by a particular account. It is even possible to search the most retweeted tweets. For that reason, we can analyze all the tweets sent by politicians during a limited period of time. It is very easy because all we have to do is search the account from the main page. The resulting report will also include additional stats and metrics.

Tweets sent by Justin Trudeau - Twitter politics
Twitter stats for tweets sent by Justin Trudeau – Dates: Jun 17, 2019 15:12:17 – Jun 27, 2019 02:05:52

Twitter Report: General Stats, Transcripts and Impressions

Once you have created your report, you have access to all the Twitter stats and you can start analyzing them. First, we will focus on the total amount of tweets and impressions analyzed (because we only have one contributor). In this case, we can be sure that the President of Canada tweeted 178 times the period analyzed. Most of them were links and pics (39.897%), followed by retweets (33.71%). We are also able to see that all his tweets generated over 805 millions impressions.

Thanks to Tweet Binder, you will be able to discover the most mentioned users by the account. In addition to that, we can analyze the top 10 hashtags used by a particular politician. This feature is useful for getting to know this politician’s stance, what they’re talking about on Twitter, and what their main focus is for their campaign platform. Every report includes the general statistics of the tweets but also the economic value according to the market of the tweets the politician has sent. 

In fact, setting up a Twitter counter for Donald Trump or any other politician is pretty easy with Tweet Binder. For example, we can set up a Twitter count to analyze Donald Trump’s tweets. In doing so, we’ll have a complete report based only on his tweets. If we also analyze the retweets, we may also be able to get his Twitter follower stats. Try it yourself with a politician of your choice to see how they fare.

Twitter for political campaigns with Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is not only a Twitter tool for tracking social media mentions and analyzing political candidates. It also allows you to monitor your own tweets. You do not need to be a politician or run a big account to do it. To see your own tweets, all you need to do is type “from:@Twitteraccount” into the search box. You can also see your replies by clicking the replies section on the Tweet Binder report.

Economic Value of Tweets

Calculating the market value of tweets is the newest feature on Tweet Binder. We have worked a long time to be able to bring this metric to our users. Calculating this value is simple. First of all, we need to work out the economic value of the users. Tweet Binder calculates this value by taking into account the following variables: followers, following, ratio between followers and following accounts, lists, whether the account is verified or not, average impressions per tweet and the economic value of that users Twitter impact.

Secondly, we calculate how much the tweets of that user are worth. We have considered that each type of tweet has a different value and some factors must be applied. For example, one retweet is not worth as much as an original tweet, especially one that contains a picture, so if a user retweets often but doesn’t create their own original content, then their tweets would be worth less. Finally, once we have calculated the value of each user and the value of all the tweets they posted, we will see the total market value generated into a report. It is done! Then we only have to add up all the tweets’ values.

Twitter Stats: Comparison of  the World’s Politicians

In addition, we want to show you how you can summarize and compare twitter stats from different accounts. In this example, we have built a Twitter analysis based on the following accounts Twitter activity over one week:

  • @JustinTrudeau: Prime Minister of Canada
  • @realDonaldTrump: President of the United States of America
  • @EmmanuelMacron: President of the French Republic
  • @sanchezcastejon: President of Spain
  • @mauriciomacri: President of the Argentine Republic
  • @lopezobrador_: President of Mexico

Total Twitter impressions of the tweets:

  • @JustinTrudeau 203.329.798
  • @realDonaldTrump 5.056.356.822
  • @EmmanuelMacron 31.968.387
  • @sanchezcastejon 28.389.930
  • @mauriciomacri 18.896.596
  • @lopezobrador_ 69.500.844

It is important to remember that Tweet Binder can analyze Twitter stats with no limits, so you can create historical reports with the tweets sent by any politician, just as we did with Donald Trump’s tweets in our previous example. 

Who are the most followed politicians on Twitter? (Updated 2019)

First of all, we don’t consider the number of followers on Twitter as a true influence metric. We will talk about that later when we talk about their engagement and economic value, but let’s take a look at the most followed politicians on Twitter in 2019 (a bit of gossip is never bad):

  1. @BarackObama (USA) 108 million followers
  2. @realDonaldTrump (USA) 65 million followers
  3. @narendramodi (India) 50 million followers
  4. @HillaryClinton (USA) 25 million followers
  5. @RTErdogan (Turkey) 14 million followers
  6. @SushmaSwaraj (india) 13 million followers
  7. @jokowi (Indonesia) 12 million followers
  8. @RahulGandhi 10,7 million followers
  9. @QueenRania (Jordan) 10,5 million followers
  10. @ImranKhanPTI (Pakistan) 10,4 million followers
  11. @HHShkMohd (UAE) 9,8 million followers
  12. @lopezobrador_ (Mexico) 6,0 million followers
  13. @AOC (USA) 5,4 million followers
  14. @jairbolsonaro 5,2 million followers
  15. @mauriciomacri (Argentina) 4,9 million followers
  16. @JustinTrudeau (Canada) 4,6 million followers
  17. @ABZayed (UAE) 4,5 million followers
  18. @EmmanuelMacron (France) 4,2 million followers
  19. @NicolasMaduro (Venezuela) 3,7 million followers
  20. @sebastianpinera (Chile) 2,2 million followers
  21. @jeremycorbyn (UK) 2,1 million followers 
  22. @David_Cameron (UK) 1,9 million followers
  23. @netanyahu (Israel) 1,7  million followers

Even Barack Obama is not in active politics he is still the most followed politician on Twitter. But as we said, followers are not (let’s say) the only influence metric, we at Tweet Binder have other ways to measure that. What is the influence metric Tweet Binder recommends? You have the question and Tweet Binder has the answer. Thanks to our Twego tool, you will be able to calculate how much anyone’s tweets are worth. We offer two values. One is the Market Economic Value of the user (how much one tweet is worth in the market), and the other is the Engagement Economic Value (how much a tweet should be worth according to its engagement). To sum up, you will be able to analyze the account of any politician from an economic point of view.

Analyze the value of a Twitter account
With Twego, any user can see the economic value of any Twitter account

Here is an example using the @realDonaldTrump account. It is very easy to calculate his tweets economic value. You only need to visit Twego, type the account you want to analyze, and press the search button. You will be requested to login with your Twitter account, but once you do it, you will easily see the data displayed.

Economic value of Donald Trump's tweets
With Twego it is very easy to know the economic value of any Twitter account.

It is important to note the difference between the Market Economic Value of a user and the engagement value. The first one takes into consideration quantitative market variables (prices, followers, following, verified account, and lists the user is in). The engagement market value takes into consideration the engagement. It will depend on the number of retweets and likes the tweet gets.

Market economic value and Engagement value

  • @JustinTrudeau $8,277.32 – $7,727.02
  • @realDonaldTrump $88,171.71 – $679,362.13
  • @EmmanuelMacron $7,370.63$17,868.89
  • @sanchezcastejon $2,213.31 – $11,162.22
  • @mauriciomacri $8,763.16 – $57,068.25
  • @lopezobrador_ $10,198.71$70,697.52

You can also take the time with Tweet Binder to analyze your favorite (or least favorite) politicians and political parties to see if other people agree with you. Twitter politics can be fun! In addition to that, you can also calculate the economic value of their tweets quickly and easily. Our tools are here to help you and they are also free of charge. 

Twitter and Politics: The Perfect Combo

We have been writing about about the relationship that exists between Twitter and politics throughout this post. Twitter has become one of the most used channels by politicians to share their campaign messages and to be in touch with their constituents. More importantly, users increasingly come to this social network to find out the latest news. They want to keep themselves informed and to continue building on their opinions.  

We are aware of the importance of analyzing and displaying all the Twitter activity, even more during political events such debates on TV, election day coverage and political campaigns from start to finish. For this reason, we offer analytic solutions and display solutions for politics as a topic.

Analyze now any Political account with Tweet Binder

Twitter Analytics – Analyzing Twitter politics

The main service offering from Tweet Binder is Twitter analytics. This analytics tool analyzes any hashtag, account, or term. It is very useful for tracking different components within the same event. One of the most useful benefits is that we can draw up Twitter reports on any hashtag. You can also find out all the mentions received by an account, as well as all tweets posted by a politician or political party.

It’s not far-fetched to say that these days Twitter is necessary for gauging how people all across the world feel about all the various political events happening all around them, which is why tools like Tweet Binder are great. The final reports we provide always include the same metrics and rankings. However, when they are combined, you will be left with a comprehensive and thorough analysis. We recently analyzed all the tweets posted by Donald Trump since he became President of the United States. Because the US president is a prolific Twitter user, the database of information is fairly large and, therefore, valuable. For this reason, our analysis of his Twitter use was not only based on a huge data set, it made the reports that come from it very detailed.

Display Solutions for Politics

Although analytics are a starting point, everything that we create from the information we extract through analysis has no limits. Thanks to our technology, we can develop display solutions for politics. Tweet Binder can show all the information shared on Twitter and Instagram in a personalized and interactive way. For example, real-time tweets can be displayed on an interactive map. We can also create rankings on politicians or parties. In addition, we can highlight the most important topics on Twitter or create a Twitter Parliament based on the activity of Twitter. Best of all, every format is already available (TV, iframes, or independent sites).

Custom Microsites

Tweet Binder develops microsites to showcase Twitter and Instagram content. In fact, we always try to go a step further, which is why we have made sure that different elements can be included. One of the most important ones is the geolocation map on Twitter. Thanks to this map, we keep track of last-minute news and trends based on where they’re coming from or from where they’re being tweeted about. This resource is perfect for tracking sentiment on Twitter. To do this, Tweet Binder can create a site that analyzes all shared content in real time. As a result, we are able to discover where the tweets are being sent from.

In addition, different modules can be included within these microsites. For example, rankings of users, politicians and parties, last images, and last tweets. There are no limits. We can also adapt them to any screen or format. We are always looking for ways to innovate. If you have an election process or campaign to cover, please contact us. We will be delighted to hear your ideas about Twitter and politics.

We have talked many times about the power of Twitter politics. Twitter is absolutely necessary for knowing how the voters are feeling about elections, political campaigns, or even the conversations around the candidates. By doing a Twitter hashtag analysis of #26JTVE, the Spanish General Election Debate, we were able to develop a microsite where all the politicians and their parties were put in a position depending on the number of tweets addressed to them.

Example: Real time hashtag tracking and display of #26JTVE

ISDI and @tve_tve have always been committed to innovation, and that’s why Tweet Binder’s team created the #26JTVE microsite for the #26J (Spanish General Election). The design of the site was aligned not only with the image of the TV channel but also with the look they gave to the program. We are very careful when designing these types of infographics as we try to follow the client’s brand style as close as possible.

Tweet Binder analyzed all the mentions received by the candidates and parties and the official hashtags used during the day. In addition, we also included the TV hashtag in order to encourage the audience to tweet about the elections and the TV program. All the stats were updated in real-time and the rankings changed according to the number of mentions. Moreover, we personalized the look and feel according to the TV station’s style.

In addition to all of the above, we wanted to show the stats on TV, so we designed different slides with the most important information about the election day. We arranged the microsite’s data, and we created new slides with more info. Newspapers, radio, and television used to be essential for finding out what happens in the world of politics, locally and globally. But times have changed and now Twitter has proven today to be the perfect tool for tracking and sharing the latest news.

Combine politics and Twitter

Presidential elections or political events have radically changed over the years. With the arrival of Social Media political campaigns have made a turnover. It has become necessary to listen to what people say on Twitter. This Social Network has become a political forum where potential voters express their political points of view. Therefore, it has become the place for candidates and campaign managers to find voters. In order to make the most of all this content, political polls on Twitter are the latest trend. By analyzing mentions to candidates and parties we can have a sense of how the voting is going to evolve. Also, the Twitter sentiment analytics Tweet Binder has helps to better detect these potential voters. If you don’t want to create a site for political twitter polls, you can analyze any party or candidate by clicking the following button:

Analyze a political party or candidate

Tweet Binder is always aware of your needs and ideas. We have talked many time about the powerful combination between Politics and Twitter. Now, we have listened to your ideas and we present the Political polls on Twitter. It is the best solution for real-time analysis on Twitter because it combines the multiple hashtag activity and user rankings on Twitter to encourage the participation and organic impact.

Political polls on Twitter

Tweet Binder can create the perfect space for Twitter and Politics. The Twitter political polls combine all the power of live information and social networks. The electoral process and presidential campaigns generate thousands of tweets related with the candidates, the parties and the voters. There are countless messages because every political party shows their expectations, reactions and opinions on Twitter. The Political polls on Twitter take advantage of all that content. By analyzing the mentions each party and candidate receives, we can create a custom site where all those data are displayed. All these rankings and charts will help us to predict who the next president would be according to Twitter. Therefore, it generates engagement and can be considered as a social thermometer.

Twitter political debate
Analyzing the repercussion of a Political debate on Twitter

This Presidential Elections Microsite presents a revolutionary system. Thanks to our technology, it is possible to take all the relevant information and political news to a higher level. On the other hand, it is really easy to make the citizens and voters feel that they share valuable opinions.

Barometer: real-time analysis on Twitter

The Political polls on Twitter can combine many modules. For that reason, all users can find what they are looking for. Tweet Binder displays a Tweet counter for each one of the hashtags to know the real-time analysis on Twitter. This module confronts all the candidates in a healthy competition. As a conclusion, it is possible to see who gets more representation. Thanks to our own technology, the site collects all the content generated on Twitter in real time and shows the exact results the moment they are shared on Twitter.

On the other hand, the Twitter political polls generate the number of posts shared under the hashtag automatically. By showing the activity of the hashtag, we encourage the participation of the users. Firstly, because they generate the content themselves. Secondly, because they can consult that content in an attractive and useful site. Presidential campaigns generate thousands of tweets, the majority issued by voters and media. In summary, the Twitter real-time analysis takes advantage of all that content to transform it into something new and pioneering.

User rankings on Twitter

There is no doubt. It is important to know who is tweeting about our candidate or politician. In order to achieve greater impact and traffic, the Presidential Elections Microsite shows two different user rankings on Twitter to show the most mentioned parties and politicians. For that reason, users can see how their tweets are valued. Moreover, they can help their favorite candidates to be the number 1. The key is to encourage the users by sending tweets. Also, a ranking can be cerated for the users. This way, we can identify who is the most active when mentioning a party or when mentioning a candidate.

Catalan referendum: Political poll on Twitter

We have always believed that technology should never limit the good ideas or people’s imagination. The consultancy agency Kreab and the have proven it. They launched the first Twitter observatory on for the Catalan referendum this October 1st. Catalonia has lived a few days of turbulence in which citizens were expecting social changes. In this kind of political events, Twitter becomes a fundamental tool to share opinions. Fast and real-time information flows like water and users consume it constantly. That is why Kreab and worked to conceptualize what was happening on Twitter in relation to the referendum in real time.

The Observatory of the 1st October on Twitter was inserted in the site. It allowed to consult all the real time data shared about what was going on related to Catalonia. In this post we’ll explain what the observatory is and why we think that Kreab and teams have innovated with this site.

Twitter hashtag rankings

First of all, the observatory showed us a ranking with the most relevant hashtags of the conversation about the Catalonian issue. This ranking served to see which hashtags were the ones that were used the most by people and political parties. In this sense it is very curious to check how political parties tried to position certain hashtags that were not very successful and how those that were generic succeeded, such as #1OCT or #Votarem. Every new hashtags that emerged during the days that the site was active were entered into a management system and appeared in its position.

Maps with geolocation of tweets

There is no doubt. The most interesting part (at least from our point of view) of the microsite was the interactive map in which each new tweet was shown. If a user launched a tweet using any of the hashtags in the ranking, it automatically appeared on the map. This term has been tested to satiety by our team and is even addictive to see how the tweets are appearing.

The range of colors was controlled from an administration panel. It gave different shades to a hashtag or another depending on the theme they play. For example, a more red tone can be given to those hashtags that were used mostly by “no” and “green” for the supporters.

Twitter political content

The module with the ranking of politicians and parties on Twitter was really interesting. In this case it is very important to emphasize that the participation of the politicians was taken into account according to the original tweets they sent, not the RTs. For that reason, the politicians that wanted to appear in the ranking, had to contribute with their own content. On the one hand, the politicians and the other parties are shown.

Finally, the microsite showed two modules with tweets of politicians, parties and relevant personalities. And another with photographs sent by users. These two modules were the only ones in a separate section where it was possible to consult more paginated content. From here you could follow all the opinions of the key people in the referendum and see the latest photographs.

We warmly congratulate the team of Kreab, led by Pablo Gallego, and for this ambitious and interesting project. The coverage of political events in Spain will be seen in another way after the 1-O Digital Observatory on Twitter.

Analyze a political party or candidate


As a result, a perfect opportunity has arisen for tracking relevant issues in a comprehensive manner. A good example of tracking is the coverage of Catalonia’s Election where RTVE included as part of their great display a huge screen where they supplemented the information they had with data from Twitter, all shown in real-time on television.

But, which are the advantages of hashtag monitoring analytics on TV?

  • Knowing what people think based on what they share
  • Checking which candidatures are most active and what type of content they tweet
  • Knowing which candidates receive more mentions and why
  • Analyzing and comparing the campaign’s hashtags with the Election Day’s one
  • Detecting new trends and hashtags not predicted or that emerge at the time
  • Performing rankings per number of tweets, mentions, impact
  • Seeing how many people are tweeting about the topics
  • Complementing the information
  • And above all, allowing us to anticipate or guess the outcome

Now it is your turn to discover how Twitter and politicians are connected. Feel free to contact us if you need more information or you want to start your own analysis. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information. We will be more than happy to help you.