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Presidential Elections Microsite: Real-time analysis and user rankings on Twitter

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Politics and Twitter

Tweet Binder is always aware of your needs and ideas. We have talked many time about the powerful combination between Politics and Twitter. Now, we have listened to your ideas and we present the Presidential Elections Microsite. It is the best solution for real-time analysis on Twitter because it combines the multiple hashtag activity and user rankings on Twitter to encourage the participation and organic impact.

Presidential Elections Microsite powered by Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder can create the perfect space for Twitter and Politics. The Presidential Elections Microsite combines all the power of live information and social networks. The electoral process and electoral campaigns generate thousands of tweets related to candidates, parties and voters. There are countless messages because all the political parties show their expectations, reactions and opinions on Twitter. The Presidential Elections Microsite takes advantage of all that content. Then, it shows it in this amazing tool. Moreover, it generates engagement and can be considered as a social thermometer.

This Presidential Elections Microsite presents a revolutionary system. Thanks to our technology, it is possible to take all the relevant information and political news to a higher level. On the other hand, it is really easy to make the citizens and voters feel that they share valuable opinions.

Barometer: real-time analysis on Twitter

The Presidential Elections Microsite can combine many modules. For that reason, all users can find what they are looking for. Tweet Binder displays a Tweet counter for each one of the hashtags to know the real-time analysis on Twitter. This module confronts all the candidates in a healthy competition. As a conclusion, it is possible to see who gets more representation. Thanks to its own technology, it collects all the content generated on Twitter in real time and shows the exact results in real time.

On the other hand, the Presidential Elections Microsite generates the number of posts shared under the hashtag automatically. By showing the activity of the hashtag, we encourage the users’ participation. Firstly, because they generate content by themselves. Secondly, because they can consult that content in this attractive and useful site. Electoral processes generate thousands of tweets, the majority issued by voters and media. In summary, the real-time analysis takes advantage of all that content to transform it into something new and pioneering.

User rankings on Twitter

There is no doubt. It is important to know who is tweeting about our candidate or politician. In order to achieve greater impact and traffic, the Presidential Elections Microsite shows two different user rankings on Twitter to show the most mentioned parties and politicians. For that reason, users can see how their tweets are valued. Moreover, they can help their favorite candidates to be the number 1. The key is to encourage the users by sending tweets.

Are you covering this kind of event? We can help you bringing politics closer to users. As you can see, it is very easy to collect the information that is being shared and encourage them. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.