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Money Heist Twitter review

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

If we talk about Money Heist you probably have something in your mind. Maybe a song, such as Bella Ciao. The name of a city, like Nairobi. Or, why not, the face of a famous painter; hello, Dali masks. One undeniable place to go when we think about any TV series is Twitter. Your imaginary of the series may be wide but the place where you express yourself about it is Twitter. Because fans and curious people rely on social networks to look for clues, share ideas or even to, sadly, read some spoilers. The release of the fifth part of the Spanish series is a huge matter worldwide. Thus, this post is based on Money Heist Twitter data. No spoilers ahead! 

Let’s star by saying that we have created several Twitter reports and analysis in order to write this post. From Twitter historical data to a Twitter account report about @lacasadepapel. There are million ways to approach how #MoneyHeist has impacted Twitter. In fact, you can have your own approach to it. Nevertheless, these are the keys aspects we consider relevant to post about.

@lacasadepapel Twitter insights

The series that started as a Spanish production for a national television channel has grown into something huge. It went from Antena 3 to Netflix Spain and the Twitter account was modified as well. The first Twitter handle was @lacasadepapelTV. A Twitter user that still owns over 465K followers, although it is no longer the official one. In fact, 2018 is the year when Netflix took charge of the series and when @lacasadepapel became the main Twitter account.

Thanks to a Twitter user analysis performed with Tweet Binder we know the key Twitter data of @lacasadepapel:

  • 1,133 number of tweets posted
  • from those total tweets: 38 are retweets
  • 1,356,224 total followers they own
  • almost 10M likes received
  • 22 March 2018: date of creation of the Twitter handle
  • however, 04/05/2018 is the date when they posted the first tweet

Money Heist Twitter data is not available until July of 2020. We have to remember that the show started as a Spanish production so the Twitter account mainly shared tweets in Spanish with #LCDP (aka “La Casa de Papel” the Spanish name of the show). Thanks to the Excel file we can download with the Twitter analysis, we are capable of telling that this is the first tweet  @lacasadepapel posted with the hashtag #MoneyHeist in Twitter:

Not only that was the first tweet but thanks to the Twitter account analysis we also know that there are 16 tweets with #MoneyHeist in the @lacasadepapel timeline. However, there are 102 with #LCDP5.

#MoneyHeist Twitter statistics

Using the Twitter Advanced search commands we came up with the results we were looking for. In our aim to find out the impact of #MoneyHeist in Twitter, this is the search we have performed: #MoneyHeist -RT since:2021-09-01 That is to get all the original tweets, not RTs, and to get tweets since the first of September. The Twitter report’s timeline, in fact, shows how the real activity started when the show was launched: the 3rd of September 2021

#MoneyHeist Twitter activity
#MoneyHeist Twitter analysis by Tweet Binder

The timeline shows over 60K original tweets with #MoneyHeist. The number of retweets is huge. Moreover, these are the top #MoneyHeist Twitter stats:

Additionally, we can point out that not Netflix nor Netflix Spain own the most liked tweet about #MoneyHeist:

Another interesting fact about #MoneyHeist Twitter data is related to the characters. Among the top 10 Twitter accounts mentioned with #MoneyHeist we find two well known Twitter handles. They are ‘The Profesor” and “Tokyo” or as the Twitter fans know and have well mentioned: @alvaromorte and @ursulolita are the most mentioned characters of Money Heist in Twitter.

#NoAlSpoiler #NoSpoiler

Along with the official hashtags, Netflix marketing strategy includes the brilliant #NoAlSpoiler #NoSpoiler campaign.

Thus, we are not here to tell more than we must. We just can not wait until the second volume of this fifth season is released. Meanwhile, we are going to madly share #MoneyHeist Twitter content until December comes:


So now it is your turn. If you have not watched the season already, contact us once you have done it and we will share more Twitter data. Also, if you have binged-watched it (as we have) reach out to us so that we can share some valuable information about some of the characters. Oh! And if you want to include great Twitter videos or GIFs in your tweets, you can try our Twitter Video Downloader! Suit up your tweets, it going to be one hell of a timeline! 😉