How to measure a hashtag in real time with Tweet Binder

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To measure hashtags is part of any campaign

Are you running a campaign or an event that is taking place right now? Do you need to know how your summit is going on Twitter? Tweet Binder works every day with real time stats to be the most complete real time hashtag tracking tool. If you need to create a hashtag report or measure hashtags, let us analyze them for you.

Real time hashtag tracking tool
Create your real time reports

Tweet Binder is the most complete real time hashtag tracking tool

Our tool allows you to analyze any hashtag, term or account shared on Twitter and real time hashtag reports were not going to be less! If you want to run a campaign in real time, the Live Campaign is the best option to cover your needs. It allows you to track any term or combination of terms for a month up to 35,000 tweets. Besides, you can purchase it for more time if your campaign lasts more than a month. On the other hand, you can also buy extra tweets in case your campaign turns into a huge success.

Thanks to Tweet Binder you will be able to check immediately how your campaign is going. The real time hashtag tracking tool will give us useful stats we can use to move our campaign in one direction or another. As a result, we will cover the whole conversation in just one hashtag report. You will have access to the complete list of users who have tweeted and their messages. All this information will help you to make quickly decisions.

Get your own hashtag report
You can get your own report through our site or create it directly from our panel if you are a PRO user. You will obtain the advanced and infographic version and the excel document in both cases.

  • Infographic report: The perfect screen shot for presentations. It includes the main stats and rankings of users. It is really useful if you want to share your stats on Twitter.
  • PRO reports: If you want to go deeper and learn more about your campaign you should check our advanced report. The online advanced report gives you an exhaustive analysis on the hashtag and the users that have participated. You can check the content of their tweets too.
  • Excel report: The Excel exportation allows you to “play” with the stats and it is really useful to analyze the info and organize it as you need to. You can download the excel file anytime.

How to create the real time hashtag report in 3 steps

1. First: Enter and log in using your Twitter account

2. Click on New Collection and fill in the gaps with all the information. You have to insert the Collection Name and introduce the terms or hashtags you want to analyze. On the other hand, you can select the terms that MUST and MUST NOT appear and the language. You have to check your rule and click on Start tracker.

Twitter analytics from the PRO dashboard of Tweet Binder
We will need to write each of the terms we want to track on the “Tweets CAN contain ANY of these words” box and press “add term”

3. Finally, you will start collecting all the tweets shared with the hashtag on real time. Your report will be constantly updating according to your rules.

As you can see, it is really easy to get the stats that you need with Tweet Binder. Feel free to contact us if you need to measure hashtags in real time.