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Twitter and politics: The perfect combo

We have talked about the relationship that exists between Twitter and Politics many times. Twitter has become one of the most used channels by politicians to communicate their opinions. Sometimes, also to get into polemics. In addition, users increasingly go to this social network to know the latest news. They want to know everything about their opinions. We are aware of the importance of analyzing and displaying all the Twitter activity at Tweet Binder. Even more, during political events. For example, debates on TV, election days, political campaigns… For this reason, we offer analytic solutions and display solutions for Politics.

Analytics: What do you say on Twitter?

The main thing about Tweet Binder is the Twitter analytics. Our tool analyzes any hashtag, account or term. It is very useful to track different aspects within the same event. First of all, we can draw up Twitter reports on any hashtag. You can also discover all the mentions received by an account. Also all the tweets sent by a politician or party.

Political events on Twitter
Twitter is absolutely necessary to know how the society is feeling about the Political Events today.

The final reports always include the same metrics and rankings but, if we combine them, we will obtain the most complete analysis possible. Recently, we analyzed all the tweets sent by Donal Trump since he became President of the United States. We can count on a huge amount of information and very valuable. Another option would be to compare the use of Twitter between different politicians or the volume of mentions they receive within a debate. This same analysis was carried out on some Catalan leaders in the #17DebatL6. At the end, we will be able to analyze any campaign hashtag.

Display solutions for Politics

Although analytics are the starting point, everything we create from this information has no limits. Thanks to our technology, we can develop display solutions for Politics. They won’t leave anyone indifferent. Tweet Binder can display all the information shared on Twitter and Instagram in a personalized and interactive way. For example, real-time tweets can be displayed on an interactive map. We can also create rankings on politicians or parties. On the other hand, we can highlight the most important topics on Twitter or create a Twitter Parlament based on the activity of Twitter. Best of all, every format is available (TV, iframes or independent sites). These are just some ideas but… Why don’t we discover the different possibilities of display?

Custom Microsites

Tweet Binder develops microsites to showcase Twitter and Instagram content. In fact, we always try to go further. Different elements can be included. One of the most important one is the geolocation map on Twitter. Thanks to this map, we keep track of last minute news and trends. In fact, this resource is perfect for Politics. Tweet Binder can create a site that analyzes all shared content in real time. As a result, we are able to discover from where are the tweets sent. For more information, visit this post about the Political observatory.

Kreab y el Diario.es tienen buenas ideas
This map shows the activity around the Catalonian referendum in Spain.

In addition, different modules can be included within these microsites. For example, rankings of users, politicians and parties, last images and last tweets… There are no limits. You have to keep in mind that we can adapt them to any screen or format. We always want to innovate. If you have an election process or campaign to cover, please contact us. We will be delighted to hear your ideas about Twitter and Politics.

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