How Politicians use Twitter to communicate

Politicians and Twitter: The necessary combination

The use of Twitter in politics has seriously changed the way campaigns are run; moreover, it has changed how Politicians interact with their followers and community. The power of Twitter is huge if we talk about campaigns going viral, communicating with followers or controversy. Most politicians know the importance of being on Twitter. But being on Twitter is not enough. They choose different strategies in order to create their image on Social Media and achieve their goals. Thanks to Tweet Binder, we can develop a Twitter analysis on how they use this Social Network. We can create a Twitter report with all the tweets shared by an account. These reports include all the information and Twitter stats about the content the politician has shared.

Tweets shared by an account: Twitter Analysis

Tweet Binder can analyze any hashtag, term or account on Twitter but we can also go further thanks to the advanced search operators. It is possible to create a collection with more than one hashtag, select the exact period of time and analyze only the tweets shared by an account. For that reason, we can analyze all the tweets shared by politicians during a limited period of time (in this case, 7 days). It is really easy, because we only have to type from:@theaccount in the main page. Moreover, the report will include more stats and metrics since July 2018.

Tweet Binder site
Discover the tweets sent by @justintrudeau

Twitter report: General stats, transcripts and impacts

Once we have created the report, we have access to all the Twitter stats and we can start analyzing them. First, we will focus on the total amount of tweets and impacts (because we only have one contributor). In that case, we can assure that the President of Canada sent 129 tweets during last week. Most of them were Links and Images (55%) followed by RTs (33%) and Text Tweets (12%). Moreover, all these tweets generated over 470,524,662 impressions.

Tweet Binder report
Twitter report of Justin Trudeau activity on Twitter

Thanks to Tweet Binder you will be able to discover the most mentioned users by the account. It is really interesting to detect conversations. On the other hand, we can analyze the top 10 hashtags used by the Politician and this is useful to know the main topics and campaigns he is tweeting about.

Twitter stats: Comparison between worldwide politicians

Finally, we want to summarize and compare the Twitter Stats from different accounts. We have realized the Twitter Analysis for the following accounts during the last week.

– @JustinTrudeau: Prime Minister of Canada
– @realDonaldTrump: President of the United States of America
– @EmmanuelMacron: President of the French Republic
– @marianorajoy: President of Spain
– @mauriciomacri: President of the Argentine Republic
– @EPN: President of Mexico

Total tweets  Impacts
@JustinTrudeau 129  470,524,662
@realDonaldTrump 102  3,995,115,600
@EmmanuelMacron 59 122,362,401
@marianorajoy 69 103,677,054
@mauriciomacri 11 48,492,400
@EPN 34  230,649,098

It is important to remember that Tweet Binder can analyze Twitter stats with no limit so you can create historical reports with the tweets sent by a politician as we did with Donald Trump’s tweets. Now it is your turn to discover how Twitter and Politicians are connected. Feel free to contact us if you need more information or you want to start your own analysis.