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We are always working on improving our client’s services and the campaign’s engagement, we do that in our main areas: Politics, Advertising, Fashion, Music, Media and Sports. Tweet Binder Sports has lately been working on it with incredible results. The world of Sport’s analytics is very big and we are developing huge features to improve the experience of the fans.

The supporters want to be heard and we offer the best solutions to achieve that goal. It doesn’t matter if you promote sports events, you are a huge club or you offer TV content. Tweet Binder really can help you.

  • Social Walls for Sport Events
    With the aim of involving the fans in the game day experience, Tweet Binder can create a personalized Social Wall to display all the live images shared on Twitter and Instagram under the any hashtag.
Social Wall with rankings for the tennis tournament.
Social Wall for Open Sabadell Tennis Tournament
    • Hashtag Battles
      Tweet Binder can help you to run a parallel contest on Twitter where the outcome of each match is determined by the number of mentions the player received in Tweets – creating a “hashtag feud” for every single match in the tournament. 

      Hashtag Battle for the final match of the UCL
      Hashtag Battle for the UCL final match



    • Microsites
      Tweet Binder can also create a microsite to capture and display every Tweet sent using the specific hashtag along with the trending topics, activity chart and the most active participants. 

      Twitter hashtag analytics for the website of FC Barcelona
      Live Twitter Stats for FC Barcelona’s website

      Tweet Binder can also display the rankings of the most valued players and the most talked about topics and make them visible alongside the social and real information regarding each match. What’s more, it’s possible to run contests like #Atletikids or sponsored campaigns like #ChampionsenMarca  There is no limit!#STC2000_TweetBinder1championsenmarca


  • TV integration

    Tweet Binder’s infographics can be used to complement the reports given by the TV commentators. By showing all that info, you can obtain added value with this innovative and personalized information. Using a great strategy of listening to the audience and making their comments and thoughts visible.


  • Infographics It’s important to show interesting content. we can create customized infographics with the data and information that our clients ask for once their action has finished. It’s a pretty great option to show a summary.
    Comparison between the stats for #BallonDor of 2014 and 2015
    Comparative infographic report between the stats for the Ballon D’Or gala of 2014 & 2015

    All of those examples have succeeded. You can customize all the content shared and generate an amazing new experience for your audience and fans. Let’s talk at marketing@tweetbinder.com

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