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Instagram posts – When to post them and how to track them

Things to post on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most used Social Networks worldwide. Each month, millions of users around the globe visit Instagram to post something or to scroll down their timeline. It is important to know what Instagram posts can contain or not. It might seem that nowadays everything is allowed but it is not. Every post sent to Instagram has to be respectful with others. Having said this, you might be wondering things to post on Instagram. Let’s go through a list of what can be posted or jump to Tweet Binder and discover our Instagram reports.

Know more about Instagram reports

Instagram photos

This Social Network started as a photo sharing app. So, pictures are the core of Instagram. Filters can be applied to the pictures to make them seem brighter or more colorful. You can even blur parts of your image to draw attention to a specific subject or create a dreamy effect. Each season Instagram surprises its users with new filters. At first, pics had to have a certain height and width, they all were squared. However, this has changed over the years. Even though the frame stills square, pictures can ve in vertical or horizontal. To do this, you just need to choose the picture and zoom it out a little bit.

Instagram posts ranking
Instagram photos – Tweet Binder rankings

Instagram videos

Once people got used to uploading pictures, Instagram introduced videos. Instagram videos’ duration needs to be under 1 minute. The frame for the videos is also square shaped and here you can not zoom them out to fit the frame. Instagram videos are know for having more engagement than pictures. If a brand is launching a campaign, it will attract more attention with a video rather than an Instagram photo.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are one of the latest incorporations to Instagram and they have had a huge welcoming. Do you know what are Instagram stories? Stories are content that is uploaded only for 24 hours. They can contain a video, a picture, gifs, emojis… Almost anything can fit inside a story. People are becoming more aware of what they post on Social Media. So, the idea of having the possibility of posting content only for 24 hours is great.

With an Instagram analytics tool, a user can get a report on a hashtag posted on a pic or a video. Instagram’s API is not open yet for stories. Analyzing a hashtag on Instagram is really important before, during and after launching a campaign. But we will go over this later. First, let check how to post good Instagram posts and when is the best time to post on Instagram.

Good Instagram posts

Some people ask how to send a good Instagram post. There are several ways of knowing if our Instagram post is good or not. On the one hand, we can see the likes and comments it has received. This is a good way of knowing if our post has engaged with our audience. On the other hand, we can look for it on an Instagram tracking tool. Tweet Binder offers complete Instagram analytics reports for hashtags. This way, we can know not only if a concrete Instagram post is good but we can know the global performance of the hashtag.

Likes and comments on Instagram

Instagram is all about getting the highest number of likes and comments. Actually, these figures are what have made influencers so popular. If it wasn’t for the Instagram likes and comments, that business will be non sense. Liking a post on Instagram is very simple, you just have to double click on the picture or video and a heart will appear on screen. There is also a heart-shaped button that can be clicked to like the post.

Comments are really easy to post as well. You just have to click the balloon shaped button to post your comment. With the current version of Instagram, comments can also be liked and replied. This is great because it increases the engagement within the post. Of course, everyone needs to be respectful when commenting on a post. Bad behaviour is not approved by Instagram’s policies.

Instagram tracking tools

Any marketing agency or brand needs to have an Instagram tracking tool for their campaigns. It is non sense to run an action on Instagram and not measure it. Tons of Instagram posts are sent everyday and you might need to focus just in a few ones. Those that have your hashtag on them. With Tweet Binder you can generate Instagram reports for hashtags. YOu can even analyze Instagram hashtags in real time.

Instagram report Tweet Binder
Instagram users rankings list

By running an Instagram hashtag report you will get all the data from the Instagram posts sent with your hashtag. You can even see the Instagram impressions of your hashtag. This way, you will be able to compare how every post from the campaign has behaved. Getting a Tweet Binder Instagram hashtag report is very simple. You just need to know which hashtag you need to analyze and then purchase your report.

Know more about Instagram reports

With Tweet Binder as your Instagram tracking tool you won’t miss any Instagram post and you will be able to analyze all the Instagram content of your campaign.

Best time to post on Instagram

There are several theories about when it is the best time to post a picture on Instagram. Lots of companies and agencies have run tests to find out that perfect time to post. You can create the perfect Instagram post with the perfect filter and the correct light. But, if you don’t post it at the right time, most users will never see it.

The best way of finding out when the best time to post is, is by running some A/B tests. Try posting some posts at the beginning of the day, at noon and at night and see which one gets the most likes. There are some studies that say that the best time is after lunch time. That is when people are more on their phones, therefore they are more likely to see your posts.

Instagram ideas

There are many things that come up to our mind when we think about Instagram ideas. The best thing to do is to be clever and try to stand out among your competitors. Think about running a campaign that will catch your viewers eye.

Also, do not forget about setting a good Instagram tracking tool. It will be useless to work hard for a campaign and not have results of it. It is a must to know the performance of your Instagram posts and Instagram hashtags. do not hesitate and contact us right away.