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How to generate Instagram hashtag reports

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Millions of users share publications on Instagram everyday. Countless comments and likes are shared every minute and numerous new profiles are created on this social network. Beyond of likes and comments, Tweet Binder allows you to obtain complete Instagram analytics and analyze any hashtag. Instagram is the favorite social media network for companies and brands nowadays. It’s the best storefront to show their products! Entrepreneurs are turning Instagram into an e-commerce platform and the agencies have to measure Instagram hashtags to ponder the invested resources. At that point, Tweet Binder takes part. Our Instagram tracker tool creates complete Instagram hashtag reports.

Instagram hashtag report for igerslondon
#igerslondon Instagram hashtag report – Sample

Instagram is a very young platform. It was launched in 2010 and, since then, it is growing day by day. It currently has more than 800 million active users. Crazy, right? This growth has made Instagram a very useful tool. Brands are increasingly using it to empower their social media campaign. Firstly, they did it through their profiles. Nowadays, more often, they do it by hiring some influencers. This kind of users manage a very wide audience and engagement. Obviously, it gives a lot of visibility to the brands.

Instagram hashtag analytics

Previous considerations

Every campaign is developed under a hashtag. The importance creating Instagram hashtag reports is unquestionable. Every campaign is incomplete if we don’t analyze its impact to make positive decisions. Measuring what your hashtag obtain against the competitors helps you to have an objective view of the level of acceptance and interaction with users and potential customers.

It seems obvious that we should take a look at the number of followers of each profile. This is a metric used to assess the influence. However, we can now say that it is not the most important one. We know that there are some “shortcuts” to reach a high number of followers. But, as a company, we should not be interested in working with low activity profiles. Don’t you think? For that reason, we will have to take special care during the selection of the profiles that will promote our brand.

Discover the Instagram hashtag report

Choosing the correct Instagram tracker tool is difficult. There are great tools out there that provide Instagram analytics.  Tweet Binder’s Instagram hashtag reports show different metrics in an easy-to-read format. Some stats are related to the users. Others give us data related to the published content. Through them, we can discover how active our campaign has been. Moreover, a client can see how many likes and comments the posts have receive. This data will help us to assess our social media campaign.

Once we create the Instagram report with Tweet Binder, we get all the information in an url. Every stat, user and media rankings and metrics is presented in a very attractive way. First, we have to decide which hashtag we want to analyze and the period of time. We will be able to know the percentage of publications shared, videos and photographs. Then, we will know how many people (contributors) have shared content, how many likes have been generated and how many reviews have been written.

On the other hand, we will discover the impact and scope of the hashtag, the influence of the accounts and finally, the average number of publications that have been shared (engagement). These general statistics are very complete. It is really useful to have a quick and complete resume on how our campaign has developed.

How to get an Instagram hashtag report

Tweet Binder has been specialized in Twitter Analytics for many years. We have been working really hard to offer the same service as an Instagram tracker tool. Thanks to our features, any client can analyze hashtags on Instagram without date. If you need to present a summary of any hashtag on Instagram you have to check out Tweet Binder. Tweet Binder users receive an all-in Instagram hashtag report that shows reach, impressions, total number of likes and comments, most active and influential users, filters and so much more. 

Instagram hashtag reports by Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder Instagram analytics reports offer the main stats in just one look. It’s really important for agencies and brands to know the global average of the campaign. For that reason, Tweet Binder displays all that info in the same module. The reports include the number of post, contributors, likes and comments. On the other hand, we analyze the influence and engagement of the hashtag.

Working with influencers to promote products and services has become increasingly important. Tweet Binder reports offers eight rankings of users to get to know the audience the best way possible. Instagram is the visual network for excellence so the media content is so important. The Instagram hashtag reports show the most liked and the most commented post according to the number of likes and comments.

Stats inside an Instagram report

The information included inside the Instagram reports is presented in a very attractive way and is really easy to read and to understand. They allow you to quickly see the main statistics and information around your hashtag or term. They contain user rankings, the most mentioned posts and the ones that got the most likes. In addition, you are able to download an Excel document which contains all the information and allows you to work with it as needed.

But, as we have mentioned before, this type of reports have some special characteristics. Whereas regular Twitter reports are limited by date, Instagram reports are limited by number of posts. What does this mean? This means that they can contain posts from two years ago, for example. It is important to notice that Instagram does not allow to analyze stories. In consequence, we can’t provide that type of statistics.

Rankings of users and Instagram content

Furthermore, thanks to our Instagram hashtag reports you will be able to analyze up to eight rankings of users. We can organize all the accounts that have shared content by checking the following list: 

  • Most active users by number of post
  • Most popular users by number of followers
  • Highest impact by number of impacts
  • The most liked by number of likes received
  • The most commented by number of comments
  • The photographers by number of photos shared
  • The most tagged by number of tags received
  • The recorders by number of videos shared

All these rankings give us an idea of the profiles that have helped to spread the hashtag. We also will know what kind of accounts share our content. But what content? Tweet Binder has the answer. Our Instagram reports include two rankings of posts. Thanks to these rankings, you will know what content has received the highest number of likes or comments.

Finally, in addition to all the statistics and data included in the Instagram reports, we have access to two more rankings. On the one hand, you can see which hashtags are used along with the analyzed one (what is very interesting as it gives us ideas for new searches). On the other hand, we know which filters have been used the most.

Instagram economic value

The economic value of a hashtag is a metric Tweet Binder has studied and developed. This metric tells us how much a hashtag is worth in the market. Also, it shows us the average value of the posts and the users inside our report.

Economic metrics of an Instagram hashtag report
Sample of the economic value for #IgersLondon

If we scroll down in the report, we will see that we have to economic metrics. One ranking is to see the most expensive users in our Instagram hashtag report. The other report lets us discover the most expensive posts inside our report.


Instagram has become an essential tool for brands. Almost every company and agency has its own Instagram account. Through their profiles they share lots of stuff and interact with their audience. Influencers also need to know what’s going on with their posts and accounts. That is why Tweet Binder’s Instagram reports are so helpful. They provide us information about the users that have used the term, the number of comments, likes, impacts and reach. Moreover, the influence and engagement that it has generated. Also, the most influential users, users with the highest number of likes and comments… We can also know which have been the photos that have received the most likes, related hashtags and even the most used filters.

Now it’s your time to request your report with Tweet Binder and analyze all the stats related to your hashtag campaign. Feel free to contact us anytime you need to get the most of our Instagram tracker tool.