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Find Instagram relevant content with Tweet Binder

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Instagram and its content

Instagram recently announced its new feature: we can now follow hashtags. As if it wasn’t enough to follow accounts and wander from hashtag to hashtag. In fact, It seems now that discovering the relevant publications is harder than ever. Among the multiple data that every post is composed off, we can analyze all of them with Tweet Binder. What’s more, we can detect those publications that should be taken into account if looking for Instagram relevant content. Let’s find out how we can do it!

#CanonExplorerOfLight case study of Instagram content

We have analyzed a hashtag launched by Canon USA to get to know its performance. With a Tweet Binder Instagram hashtag report we get multiple stats and rankings. From the number of publications analyzed to the potential impact that they have generated. There are also different rankings in order to get to know the accounts that have made a difference on the tracked hashtag. We can discover who has tweeted the most, the most important account or even those that have commented the most.

 #canonexploreroflight analysis
Instagram report for #canonexploreroflight by Tweet Binder

In the upper picture we can see Instagram general stats. For example, we can see the total Instagram posts, the number of Instagram impressions and even the Instagram reach. After this analysis, we can access the data that we are looking for: the Instagram relevant content of the campaign.

The most liked publications

Having checked the general stats and the complete and interesting rankings, it’s time to focus on the Instagram content. The hashtag report our Instagram tracker provides, includes a gallery with the most liked publications. The gallery includes twelve posts with the number of likes they have received. It’s an easy way of discovering the content that has enriched the campaign or hashtag. In addition, it’s also a fun and attractive way to navigate through those publications.

Instagram top content by Tweet Binder
#canonexploreroflight top content – Instagram hashtag report

The pictures are clickable. We can check the author of the publication, go to its profile and give it a like. It is also possible to go from one picture to the next easily and fast. We can say this is really useful to avoid the Instagram’s rules to search this type of Instagram content.

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The most commented posts

Next to the “The Most Liked” Instagram content there is also another gallery. Yes, “The Most Comment” publications are one click away from the publications that we have already seen. Thanks to this new gallery, with twelve publications too, we have access to the publications with the highest number of comments. There may be some that can be on both galleries or not. Actually, that’s what has happened with the #CanonExplorerOfLight campaign.

Most commented publications of #canonexploreroflight

The fast access to these publications helps to gather and control the Instagram content as it is shared.


The Instagram reports that Tweet Binder offers are really complete. Instagram analytics have never been easier. In this case, the two galleries that we have written about are key to find out the relevant Instagram content. If you want to discover those publications that make the difference in your campaign, it’s your turn to discover them. And, of course, if you have any doubt or need any help you can always contact us. (We’ll try to answer right away, if not we might be hypnotized by the beauty of the publications that we analyze).