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Create Instagram campaigns with influencers

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Influence Marketing – Why is it so important?

Instagram is the favorite social network if we talk about the power of the image. Thanks to its growth, the advertising campaigns with hashtags on Instagram are becoming more and more common on Instagram. Moreover, influence marketing is one of the most used and successful strategies in any marketing campaign. The most important question is: Is it helpful to associate my brand to a relevant user on Instagram? No doubt, yes. It will help us to make our product or services known in an effective way. However, we can not forget that this strategy needs to be planed from the beginning. What’s more, we will have to set up the appropriated Instagram hashtag analysis.

Hashtags on Instagram: How to launch the campaigns with influencers

First of all, we need to determine the goal of our collaboration with the influencer. We can be looking for a higher level of conversation, higher level of engagement … We can also be expecting to increase the community within the followers or to get a punctual impact. In any case, we have to decide what we want to achieve to determine which influencer is the best to represent our brand.

It is obvious to say that the person we want to work with must resemble to our ‘potential client’. It is necessary to know our target in order to link our product to the perfect influencer. Whether by the lifestyle, tastes and hobbies or knowledge. Our ambassador has to feel connected with the brand (use it in his daily life and integrate it naturally). The marketing campaign will be more natural and won’t seem like a traditional commercial if all explained before is aligned.

Case Studies: # PaulaEchevarriaForHawkers and # FantaByUs

#PaulaEchevarriaForHawkers is a really good example of this type of collaboration. The Spanish actress and It girl publishes pics using the sunglasses in her daily routine. In this way, all her followers notice that she trusts the brand beyond the advertising campaign itself. The hashtags on Instagram help to label the conversation and promote the interaction between her followers.

On the other hand, #FantaByUs has been another Instagram campaign developed this summer powered by Fanta España. In this case, the soda brand tried to reach the youngest audience by working closely with several YouTubers (ElRubius, PaulaGonu, MangelRoger, among others). Through Social Networks and TV they have developed different sweepstakes and competitions. As you can see, the hashtag has been well received so we have done the following Instagram hashtag analysis.

  • Number of post: 762 post of which 67% are images and 33% videos.
  • Users: #FantaByUs has been used by 479 users.
  • Amount of likes: 2.013.093 likes in 762 post which is an average of 2.641 likes per post
  • Impacts: The potential number of times the users have seen the hashtag 27.632.122 in total
  • Reach: The potential number of people who have seen the hashtag. This campaign reaches 13.504.585 users
  • Influence: Average of followers per participant. The level of influence is high: 28.193
  • Engagement: Each user has shared an average of 1,59 post.

Instagram hashtag analysis with Tweet Binder

Finally, it is important to analyze all the hashtags on Instagram launched to associate our brand with a influencer. Tweet Binder offers the most complete Instagram hashtag analysis. We include all the general statistics, up to eight rankings of users, geolocation and rankings of publications according to the number of likes and comments.

All this information will help us to assess the success of our campaigns and to make smart decisions in the future. If you need to analyze hashtags on Instagram, do not hesitate to contact us at Tweet Binder.