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Tweet Binder: Your Instagram Analytics Tool

Instagram has become the favorite social network for marketing strategists. Moreover, it might become increasingly popular in the upcoming years. Everyday, we detect many marketing campaigns on Instagram. For example campaigns with influencers, contests, competitions… All of them have something in common. The need to analyze Instagram statistics through the Instagram hashtag report. Tweet Binder is the Instagram Analytics Tool to have in mind. For that reason, you will be able to analyze any hashtag on Instagram really quickly. Do you need the Instagram report? Discover all of its features by reading this post.

Measure Instagram analytics report
Analyze any hashtag on Instagram and discover all the stats

How to get your Instagram hashtag report with Tweet Binder

What about Instagram statistics? You do not have to worry. Although our name is Tweet Binder, we have also taken into account our Instagram reports. On the one hand, if you need to analyze several hashtags on Instagram, you are in the right place. Thanks to Tweet Binder, you will be able to create as many Instagram reports as you want and at the best price with our packages. On the other hand, you will be able to purchase a single Instagram report or the Instagram plan.

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Packages of reports for Instagram and Twitter analytics

Our Instagram reports are truly complete. Thanks to the Instagram statistics, you will be able to discover how your Instagram campaign is going. First of all, you have to contact us and share the main information about the campaign (start & end dates and the hashtag). Our Instagram hashtag report will be a final report. For that reason, you can ask for updates during the period of analysis. Once we receive the information, we create the report in a few moments. You will receive the infographic report and the excel version.

Instagram statistics

All of our reports have the same design and statistics. As a conclusion, it will be very easy for you to compare different campaigns. Firstly, the general statistics of the hashtag appear within the period of analysis. We have to pay special attention to the total amount of posts, impact and reach. Users will also find information about the contributors, likes, comments, influence (average number of followers per contributor) and engagement (average number of posts sent per contributor).

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Discover the stats of #Skinpositive

Moreover, our Instagram hashtag report display all the information related to the users. Thanks to the Instagram report, you will be able to classify all the contributors. By creating your Instagram hashtag report you will have the following rankings: Most active accounts, Most popular users, highest impact, most commented and liked… Countless information about your community and users! In addition, the Instagram hashtag report offers two rankings showing the most liked an most commented photos. Finally, the geolocated map and two additional rankings.

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Creating an Instagram hashtag report is really easy with Tweet Binder. Our Instagram Analytics Tool is ready to help you with the Instagram statistics. Do you need an Instagram report?

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