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After explaining our Twitter monthly plan, the time for the Instagram plan has come. Instagram is becoming more popular as days go by. The number of users that use this Social Network each day can be counted in millions; this is an opportunity that agencies and brand cannot afford to let pass. It is becoming very common finding marketing and communication campaign on Instagram; brands sponsor hashtags to gain exposure and become popular. This is how Instagram hashtag analytics are key to now the performance of these campaigns. With Tweet Binder you can get individual impact reports or you can subscribe to the monthly plan to obtain as many Instagram analytics as you need to.

Let’s go through the main features of the Instagram Plan:

Complete hashtag statistics

With Tweet Binder you will be able to track hashtags on Instagram and generate very useful reports with complete insights on your hashtags. First, you will find the general stats of your hashtag

Instagram hashtag analysis -Tweet Binder
Instagram hashtag analysis by Tweet Binder

We have run a sample report of 924 posts for the hashtag #IgersParis. As you can see, posts appear divided in photos and videos in order to know how you followers post. The user will also find information about the contributors, likes, comments, impacts (potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag), reach (potential number of people that could have seen the hashtag), influence (average number of followers per contributor) and engagement (average number of posts sent per contributor).

Do not worry if the upper terms seem tricky, the question mark placed next to each number is an explanation of what each stat means.

Rankings of contributors and posts

It is safe to say that knowing who has posted using the hashtag of your campaign is more important than the global number of posts sent during the campaign. Companies and agencies have to know who their clients and users are. And, can you think of a more complete way of knowing so than having a complete list of them? Well, with Tweet Binder Instagram analytics you won’t only have that list but you will also be able to rank it.

Tweet Binder creates Instagram rankings of users
Instagram user rankings by Tweet Binder

The online report gives you the following rankings of up to 5 users:

  • The most active
  • The most popular
  • The highest impact
  • The most liked
  • The most commented
  • The top photographers
  • The most tagged
  • The recorders

However, do not think that you only have access to a ranking of 5 users. As a user of a PRO plan, you will have access to the excel exportation of you reports. There is where you will find the complete list of users. As with every other excel sheet, you are able to sort the information by any criteria you need to.

Rankings are not limited to the contributors of your hashtag. Posts are also ranked by number of likes and number of comments. Same happens here with the excel sheet, you will have access to very detailed information about the posts and you will be able to rank them by the criteria you like.

As you can see, even though our name is Tweet Binder, we also create very cool Instagram hashtag analytics. Instagram reports are created under demand but you can ask us for the report any time you need to, we are open 24/7. Contact us now or purchase your Instagram plan and let’s analyze some hashtags!