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Letter from our CEO, Javier Abrego introduces our Instagram analytics

Tweet Binder can now track hashtags on Instagram

Tweet Binder is releasing the new Instagram analytics reports for hashtags, it’s being an amazing work by an incredible team that gave as a result some pretty an useful reports. Instagram is getting more and more important for brands and companies and they demand analytics on their campaigns. We were frequently asked (several times per day) by our clients and users if we were serving analytics for hashtags on Instagram, we started to see there the huge potential for this service but we didn’t expect it to be that big.

Just to have a hint on how big this market can be, I will share some interesting data before we enter to analyze how the Tweet Binder report of Instagram analytics looks like. In one year, we gathered more than 1100 emails from people that asked us for Instagram analytics, that’s 3 per day!. And, even before Tweet Binder released this service, the first sales were made, this is totally unbelievable. If someday I write a book about all this I will make public the name of the first client that actually bought one report, a company we all know very well.

Instagram analytics have some similarities to Twitter analytics but they introduce some unique aspects, that’s why some metrics are similar, like potential reach and potential impacts for example. We will analyze the #GoldenGlobes in some days of February (just for this test, the GG were on January).

General stats.

The first part of the report will show the general stats of the hashtag: impacts, reach and so. At a glance you will be able to see how the hashtag impacted on the audience and the interactions it had: likes and comments mostly. These likes and comments are a great add to the reports because it shows how the people reached interacted with the hashtag.


Users rankings.

Users rankings are one of the most important parts on the report. There are people who shared content (most active, popular, etc.) and people who interacted with that content (likers and commenters). Also you can see how the people who shared content received likes or comments by other users, which is absolutely great because you can see who’s driving more attention in your campaign or hashtag.



Media rankings.

Instagram is visual 100%, so a pictures and videos gallery is a must. Tweet Binder shows the media divided by those that received the most likes and the ones that received more comments. We can call it the “most popular media shared”.


More stats.

There are more stats to be offered at Tweet Binder for Instagram (and more that will come) and they are the most shared tags and the most used filters. The information here can be very useful for a brand because you can see how your hashtag is related to others.