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Influencer marketing and how to analyze hashtags on Instagram

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What is Instagram influencer marketing?

Recently, the influencer marketing has become one of the preferred online marketing strategy by brands and agencies. There is no doubt of its positive points. First of all, we can obtain more credibility from the message and there is also a more direct connection between the brands and the followers. Moreover, it is an easy way to show the product experience. The growth of influencer marketing has brought the increase of the influencers too. Identifying and, above all, analyzing their activity is a priority for agencies.

For this reason, measuring the activity of the influencers is a real necessity. Thanks to our tool, it is possible to have a look of, whether or not, the expectations have been fulfilled. Thanks to the analysis of hashtags on Instagram, we value it almost immediately.

Measure the activity of the influencers on Instagram

What do we mean when we talk about influencers? Firstly, it seems simple. People who have an important position to reach a large number of users, generate a high level of engagement and obviously, with the ability to influence their community. When it comes to creating and planning an influencer Instagram marketing strategy, you have to take into account many points. On the one one, you have to define your goals and how are you going to work or collaborate.

In addition, it is important to find the perfect influencer to achieve these goals or reach the specific public. Planning is important. As well as measuring the activity of the influencers afterwards. It is important to consider how the campaign has developed in order to assess the collaboration and see its impact.

Tweet Binder has created the perfect analysis for hashtags on Instagram to find out all the information. Included Instagram influencers. Our Instagram reports show all the main stats. It is really useful to balance our influencer marketing strategy. They include many additional stats: starting from the level of engagement and scope of each of the post to rankings of users and post (in order to know the volume of comments and likes received).

Analyzing hashtags on Instagram

We have talked about it many times. Tweet Binder can analyze any hashtag on Instagram without time limit. Even after the changes that the social network has experienced, we can still analyze hashtags on Instagram. It is very simple. You only have to purchase the Instagram report directly from our website. It can be to detect influencers on Instagram or just to analyze a hashtag.

You will receive an email regarding the main info. It is almost done! You will have to detail your hashtag on Instagram and the period of time you are interested in. From this moment, you will have access to all the information about your hashtag in two formats. A very visual infographic version and the excel version to get deeper understanding the metrics.

Analyze you hashtags on Instagram!