Do you know your audience? Tweet Binder can help you!

Tweet Binder‘s hashtag monitoring has no limit. It allows you to track any hashtag, term or account on Twitter, it does not matter when it was sent. Our reports give the user very good insights of how the hashtag has behave on Twitter. A part from giving stats about the most used terms or how many impressions the term has generated on Twitter we also provide up to 10 user rankings. For example, you can analyze your ambassadors’ behaviour by seeing who is the most popular user or who has the most influence. Do you want to know who is your best supporter or do you need to discover the most popular user? Tweet Binder can help you.

10 user rankings to know your audience

Thanks to our Pro version, you can analyze up to 10 different rankings about your audience.

Most Active Users: Users who sent the highest number of tweets (retweets are included here)
Retweeters: Users who sent the highest number retweets
Original Tweets: Users who sent the highest number of tweets (retweets are not included here)

Most popular: Users with the highest number of followers on Twitter.
Highest Impact: Users who generated the highest number of impacts (Tweets x followers). To calculate the impact a user has, we do a very simple calculus. We want to measure the number of times that the hashtag could have been seen so we will go user by user multiplying the number of followers they have by the number of tweets the sent.
Top photographers: Users who shared the highest number of pictures.

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All these stats are exported to an excel document. This way, the rankings are not limited to 10 users, if you sort the data by any criteria you need to you can obtain the full ranking.

If you want to know how your brand prescriptors tweet about your company or your campaign, you only have to run a Pro Report with Tweet Binder. We are here to help.