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How to discover Instagram microinfluencers

It’s hard to think about a campaign or a brand that has not recently worked with an influencer. It’s even harder to believe that becoming an influencer is a thing now. The definition of influencer is very complex. You can like them or not, but they are a trend. In fact, Instagram influencers have become the best ally of well-known brands. One image posted by an influencer may be worth more than a regular old marketing campaign. Times are changing and so is the influencers’ world: microinfluencers have arisen to become the new trends! And we have the perfect Instagram analytics to help you to get to know them.

A campaign’s Instagram microinfluencers

On the one hand, when we think about influencers we also think about money. Well, we may think about the budget that the brands and companies invest on Instagram posts. It is true that the revenues generated by a publication sent by an influencer are supposed to be worth it. But it is also true that not everybody is capable of working with Instagram influencers to boost its sales. That’s why microinfluencers are starting to gain relevance. They are not enough “famous” but they can generate impact. With over five thousand Instagram followers microinfluencers are becoming the new trend.

On the other hand, Instagram has over two hundred million users. Thinking about finding out mircroinfluencers may be daunting. However, you can easily detect them if they participate on your campaigns. Tweet Binder Instagram analytics reports are going to become your best friend for that matter. We can analyze any hashtag and we provide complete data. For instance, a complete list of the most popular users that have shared content.

Yes, those may be influencers. But we also provide an Excel file that includes all the users that have published posts and its most detailed information. From its username to how many posts they have shared or, what’s the matter here: how many followers they have.

Detect Instagram microinfluencers related to a topic

You may not be at the point of launching a campaign or Instagram contest yet. You first want to consider and discover those who may become your customers. Focusing on the right target is key to success. Tweet Binder can also help here. We have pointed out the huge amount of users that Instagram counts with. It’s huge! However, once we have chosen our market, we can act accordingly to it. We can create Instagram reports for the hashtags related to your main topic. Then we can create a microinlfuencers data base according to your requirements. It may seem quite complex but it is totally factible. In fact, we can even locate where your potential microinfluencers post from.

Either way, Tweet Binder can be the solution to your nightmares trying to reach out microinfluencers. For a campaign or for a specific topic, we have a compete Instagram analytics tool to help you. From now on, we are sure we can become a trend for you when you think about finding microinfluencers.