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Customize your event or campaign with Tweet Binder

The first step is knowing exactly what type of event you’re going to organize. Once you have decide this, and it is time to make the difference. Each event has its own needs. That is why in Tweet Binder we take so much care in knowing every single detail about them. Tell us about it. We’ll get in touch with you in order to know, as mentioned, all the details. Afterwards, we will start creating a custom project that will fit with your needs and will take your campaign to the next level.

Our aim is to ensure that we’re covering all your needs. That is why we focus on getting to know your event and giving you the most professional advice. Our team is really experienced on developing this type of custom projects. So, don’t worry if there’s no much time, we will work hard and we’ll make your event truly personal. We can do this by developing a landing page, a microsite or whichever platform you need. We will study your needs and work hard to make them possible. To outstand is easy thanks to Tweet Binder.

Why choosing us?

Organizing an event can be extremely stressful. We’re concerned about that so we want to make it easier for you. We provide a responsive and useful tool that will enlarge the lifetime value of your event. It doesn’t mind what kind of event you are planning, we are able to fit any of them. We have developed many custom projects throughout the years. You can see some of these at our showroom. By giving a look to our projects you may find some ideas that will inspire your next campaign. We have worked for small companies as for well-known artists such as Bryan Adams.

Bryan Adams' Get Up Tour official site powered by Tweet Binder
Bryan Adams’ Get Up Tour – Powered by Tweet Binder

Is the investment worth it?

Of course it is! Creating a custom site or installing a social wall at your event will help you increasing its visibility, With your ideas and our team’s knowledge it will double its impact! You can choose the format, the content that appears and many other aspects. Every custom project we develop can be moderated. This means that you will have full on control on what is being displayed. You can also choose between displaying Twitter or Instagram content or displaying both. A custom project will definitely make the best out of your event. 

Talk to us!

Tell us all your ideas! It doesn’t matter if they seem crazy. We’ll discuss about them and find the perfect solution for your event. We will develop the perfect tool and you will soon see the results. We offer other services that may be helpful before, during and after the event. Click on the button you’ll find below and talk to one of our agents in order to know your custom project’s viability and how it will ensure your event’s success. 

Give us your ideas and we will make the possible. As simple as that.

Contact us!

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