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Viral marketing is the key!

Viral marketing is a very common strategy in marketing. Sometimes the agency seeks this goal. In other cases, viralization is obtained organically. For example, it could be a funny content that captivates users or something really amazing. We have to start from the beginning: What is a viral campaign? Basically, any campaign conceived and designed with the objective that users themselves propagate the messages. The channels are Internet and Social Networks. As a conclusion, viral campaigns want to reach as many people as possible in the shortest period of time. Fortunately, we have Tweet Binder to analyze viral campaigns. Let’s delve into #UnCachaloteEnMadrid thanks to the real time stats.

Analyze viral campaigns with Tweet Binder

As we have said many times, Tweet Binder has no limits if we talk about real time stats or historical data. It is important to qualify this issue because it can be vital if we need to analyze viral campaigns. Why? Because many times, we are late at the beginning of the campaign. The content starts to become viral and we didn’t have it planned. In this case, there is no problem. Tweet Binder allows you to recover all the data from the day we need and then, you will be able to start collecting tweets in real time.

In this case, the start of the campaign was not very far. This is a campaign that was launched last Friday. The city of Madrid announced on Twitter that a sperm whale had appeared in the city. Crazy, right?

The disconcerting messages continued during the morning. Many users shared their surprise on Twitter. As a result, the content began to become viral among users until it became a trend. Televisions and radio stations also covered the new. The result? Over 10,000 tweets shared by 7,920 users.

#UnCachaloteEnMadrid real time stats with no limits

Our Twitter reports are really complete. Thanks to them, we can get all the information about the hashtag in one click. What’s best, a single report includes all the general statistics, temporary activity, user rankings, hashtag economic value and much more. We are going to discover the stats and rankings of #UnCachaloteEnMadrid via Tweet Binder.

Discover the stats powered by Tweet Binder
  • Total tweets: 9,648 (Total of original tweets and retweets)
  • Economic market value of the hashtag/Hashtag Economic Value: $135,848. Amount of money the hashtag is worth in the market.
  • Potential impacts: 68,689,718. The potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag.
  • Potential reach: 48,745,551. The potential number of unique users that could have seen the hashtag.
  • Contributors: 7,920 Number of users that have tweeted using the hashtag.
  • Tweets/contributor: 1.22 (Average number of tweets per contributor).
  • Followers/contributor: 6,154.74. Average amount of followers per contributor.
  • Tweets – original content: 1,301. Number of original tweets shared. Retweets excluded.
  • Original contributors: 1,086. Number of users that have shared original content with the hashtag.
  • Original tweets/contributors: 1.20 (Average number of original tweets per original contributor).

Analyze your campaign now!

These are just some of the statistics included in the report. You can consult the complete real time stats here. If you have also discover a viral campaign and want to analyze it, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

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