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#MDRT2018: Boost your summit with Tweet Binder

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Dynamize your summit with Tweet Binder

Many times, we need to dynamize our summit on social networks and we ask ourselves… How can we do that? And above all, quickly and economically. We could spend part of our budget moving the hashtag on Twitter through sponsored hashtags or ads. Also, we could hire influencers to speak about it. Or, on the other hand, the best choice of all. We can use a Social Wall on the screens of the event’s venue to generate activity in an organic way. Creating a social space that collects all the Twitter and Instagram content has never been easier. You only have to call us and we will work together as we have done at #MDRT2018 in Los Angeles.

Why you should use a Social Wall?

There are many reasons why it is recommended to use a social wall in events. Probably even if we pursue only one goal, we will achieve all of them because it is a very useful and easy to implement tool. Firstly, you will be able to visualize on different screens the activity that happens on Twitter. What is more, you could make decisions about your own event in real time. It is a very useful tool to detect possible communication crises or tendencies within the conversation. Thanks to Tweet Binder, it is possible to filter the content according to your rules. If you use a Social Wall, you will also collect all the information published on Twitter and Instagram through a Twitter or Instagram report. It is really useful because you will have a global view about your event and you will be able to discover the people who are interested in your summit.

Display Twitter and Instagram content and amaze the attendees

Twitter and Instagram are different but complemented to perfection. Twitter gives greater value to text content and Instagram to visual content. Therefore, our recommendation is to display Twitter and Instagram content together.  Our tool works everyday to offer the best service, according to the needs of our clients. For this reason, you could always decide the content you want to show: Twitter, Instagram or Twitter and Instagram publications. Moreover, thanks to the moderation panel, you will approve or reject all that content before it appears on the screen. For example, this week we are enjoying #MDRT2018 in L.A. It is a huge summit and they have reserved a special place for social networking activity.

#MDRT2018 knows how to do it!

#MDRT2018 takes place from the 24th to the 27th of June in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that this is an amazing event with an even more spectacular venue. Tweet Binder is proud to participate in an event like this through a social wall. Our client has decided to use a social wall that displays Twitter and Instagram content in real time to energize the conversation in social networks. In addition, to motivate attendees to share their experiences and learnings. We have been working directly with our client in order to create the best experience for #MDRT2018.

The result could not be better. Event attendees are constantly sharing content. As a result, the impacts and the conversation in both social networks has grown regarding to last year. Do you want to succeed too? Feel free to contact us anytime to discover the event solutions.

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