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Hashtag Tracking

In this section posts about hashtag tracking will be published. Analyzing hashtag of global events or less popular is a great way of learning about Twitter or Instagram analytics.

Hashtag tracking can be done on any topic, hashtag, term or keyword. For instance, a report can be created for the Super bowl Twitter activity or for the latest release of the Avengers movie.

Music industry is also a field where hashtag tracking gains importance. Not only music concerts but also album release. For example, when Taylor Swift launched her latest single, Twitter went crazy about the hashtag #MeOutNow.

TV shows are no different than other industries. Nowadays, it is difficult to see a talk show which does not have a hashtag displayed on its screen. Jimmy Fallon’s hashtags are a good example for this. The show’s Twitter account is very keen on the use of hashtags.

As was aforementioned, the Superbowl also attracts a lot of Twitter attention. Sport events are a huge deal on Twitter. It does not matter where you are at, there will always be a Trending Topic about a Sport event.

The important thing is to do a hashtag tracking of all these terms that we have identified. And that is what this section is for, to run reports on popular hashtags and trending topics and give our readers an overview on how the hashtag has evolved on Twitter.