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TV Hashtag tracking

Let your followers and fans be an essential part of your digital strategy. Tracking TV hashtags will help you to connect with your audience. Take advantage of the content they share on Twitter and Instagram. You can decide how you want to involve your fandom. Creating an specific platform for them is a way of adding value to their social content. Stand out above your competitors. Don’t just seek to become a trend, create it thanks to our custom solutions for television and media outlets.

Music & Social Media

You probably don’t like going to a concert and be surrounded by mobile phones recording everything. We get it! But you can turn that content into valuable information thanks to our tour manager. It allows you to display social media content in real time. It also adds value to the publications of any concert or musical event. Think of a good hashtag and how you want it to look, we will take care of the rest.

Data visualization for politics

Political data and political events drive a lot of conversation around them. A lot of the thoughts and information are shared through social media. In fact, a lot of the Twitter data can change minds and how the present evolves. With a custom social media site any political data can be displayed on a map or widget. Take advantage of data visualization for politics and engage with your followers or readers in a unique way.

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Social media content can become your ally on your digital strategy. You can turn you Twitter and Instagram data into something visually attractive. With our solutions for data visualization you decide how and what to display. Then, we create your desired platform or site: data visualization on demand.

Our data visualization projects are suitable for any event or discipline. Twitter and Instagram are filled with data about any topic, yours too. We can analyze how Donald Trump tweets or the number of tweets sent during the last season of Game of Thrones. Any tweet or Instagram post can be monitored. We create complete social media reports with statistics, rankings or graphs. Also, we design and build any website or app to showcase social media data. The possibilities of data visualization are endless. Try it out!

Stop looking for options to analyze and display social media content. Check out our custom projects for data visualization. Get in touch with us to discover everything we can do with your social media data.