Twitter Walls for events – When technology meets the client

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Twitter Walls add a great new experience at events

We have talked so many times about how Twitter walls and Social Media walls can boost the social activity and engagement at events. Today we’d like to show you how the technology behind the Twitter walls can let you adapt them to perfectly fit at your event. One event is a very complicated thing, you probably have tons of little things to do like taking care of speakers, the venue, the presents… it looks like it will never end. So when they (or you) think about installing a Twitter wall at your event, the first thing that comes to your mind could be something like “Oh no please!!! Not another new thing”. So when we talk about Twitter walls we want to let clients know that this technology will, and must, adapt to your event, not the other way around.

Today we want to explain how this Tweet Binder Twitter walls work with two examples. This week we have picked two events from clients working with us that perfectly show how Tweet Binder Twitter walls can fit into your event. The first event is Connections #Connus17 that took place in the USA. The second one was #MSFBCN the Marketing Strategy Forum in Spain.

Both events had special requirements and Tweet Binder had to adapt its technology. That’s the way we like to work.

CONNECTIONS 2017 #Connus17

Parks Associates hosted CONNECTIONS, an event about connected homes which is becoming one of the top events in this field. This event has a very intense Twitter activity. We have worked with them in all the recent editions and always we have been surprised by the high number of posts about it on Social Media. In this case, the client wanted a Tweet Wall that could show all the relevant information about the Twitter activity of the hashtag #Connus17 in one screenshot. Of course it had to look not too messy or not too tight. We used a variant of the “All in one mobile” Twitter wall that we created in the past and inserted stats, images, tweets and two types of rankings that rotate: popular Twitter user and active Twitter users. It all had to fit in a specific screen placed at the entrance of the main hall. This way everyone could see it and check quickly all the activity.

In the next picture you can see the result. The content was divided in three columns and they had their logo and background in the wall. Client happy so were we.

Parks Associates is one of the most social innovative companuies
Twitter Wall for Parks Associates who hosts CONNECTIONS 2017

Marketing Strategy Forum Barcelona

The Marketing Strategy Forum is one event created by Deloitte Digital Spain that gathers the last innovations about Marketing and Technology. It is actually a very interesting event to follow on live streaming. We have worked with Deloitte Spain many times in the past. For this event they asked for a very unique type of Twitter Wall and, of course, we couldn’t say “no”. They had a huge modular screen showing all types of content: videos, keynotes, logos, webs, etc. And, they reserved one space for the Twitter wall of Tweet Binder. This Twitter wall had its first peculiarity on the fact that it needed to be exactly 1816px by 212px.

In the next picture you can see how it looked like:

Twitter wall on Marketing steategy forum
The top space was reserved for the tweets. The rest of the content was modular.

Let’s say that the dimensions requirement was not too complicated. What it’s really complicated is when these dimensions start changing all the time. Well, we did it and the client was happy, however, the next request was more difficult and we had never done it before. They needed a system to launch a claim that, when activated, will stop the stream of tweets and will show only the claim until they decide. We installed a new button on the Twitter walls section to launch that message saying “Send your tweets and participate in #MSFBCN” (In Spanish: “Envía tus tuits y participa en #MSFBCN”). So we did it:

This innovation lets you control the Twitter wall without reloading the page
The top space would show the message whenever the client activated it

Client had full control of everything. They even asked more minor adjustments, but they were carried our fast.

Twitter walls for clients, not clients for Twitter walls

In Tweet Binder we try to sell Twitter wall for clients and we do it very well. However, once we sell one Twitter wall, we don’t expect them to change in order to adapt themselves to our technology. What we want is to facilitate their job, not create more work for them. We have many members of our staff who have been working in the events sector for years and they really appreciated when a provider made it easy for them. These two examples show how much we care about that and how much we want our clients events to succeed.

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