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#FIFAWorldCup: Twitter highlights

The day has come and the competition has already kicked off. This post is going to give you some advices and main data to follow the FIFA World Cup on Twitter. Be the real player by knowing how to access the Twitter data like a PRO. But first things first.

With Tweet Binder you can analyze any tweet and all the Twitter handles you may need. You can track Twitter mentions or even run combination of searches by using Twitter advanced search. In fact, you can also access the Twitter archive for any Twitter account. And, of course, you can get tweet counts for all the hashtags. For instance, we can check the #FIFAWorldCup Twitter count easily from here:

What teams are playing in the World Cup 2022?

There are 32 teams playing in Qatar since the 20th of November until the 18th of December. The teams are divided in 8 groups of 4. These are the #FIFAWorldCup’s teams Twitter handles:

Group A Group B C Group Group D
Team Twitter Team Twitter Team Twitter Team Twitter
Ecuador @FEFecuador England @England Argentina @Argentina France @equipedefrance
Senegal @Fsfofficielle Iran @TeamMelliIran Saudi Arabia @saudiFF Australia @Socceroos
Netherlands @OnsOranje USA @USMNT Mexico @miseleccionmx Denmark @DBUfodbold
Qatar @QFA Gales @Cymru Polonia @pzpn_pl Tunisia @FTF_OFFICIELLE


E Group Group F G Group Group H
Team Twitter Team Twitter Team Twitter Team Twitter
Spain @SEFutbol Belgium @RoyalBelgianFA Brazil @CBF_Futebol Portugal @selecaoportugal
Costa Rica @fedefutbolcrc Canada @CanadaSoccerEN Serbia @FSSrbije Ghana @GhanaBlackstars
Germany @DFB_Team Morocco @EnMaroc Switzerland @nati_sfv_asf Uruguay @Uruguay
Japan @jfa_samuraiblue Croatia @HNS_CFF Cameroon @FecafootOfficie Korea Republic @theKFA

Although most of the team have their official hashtag that we can analyze with Tweet Binder, we also offer the chance to acquire the Twitter archive for any Twitter account. That being said, this is the link to get your team’s Twitter data:

Get your @team Twitter Archive

FIFA’s Twitter main accounts

There are few accounts you need to follow if you want to read informed tweets. In addition to the team’s Twitter handles we have already posted, the FIFA Twitter accounts to follow are these:

Twitter handle Bio
@FIFAWorldCup The official Twitter account of the FIFA World Cup! All highlights and where to watch live matches on FIFA
الموقع الرسمي لكأس العالم FIFA المختص بتقديم آخر الأخبار، والصور، المقابلات والألعاب الخاصة بهذا الحدث الرياضي الأول فى العالم.
@fifaworldcup_es Cuenta oficial de Twitter de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA™. Presentando #FIFAplus FIFA+: tu lugar para todo lo relacionado al fútbol. Míralo gratis
@roadto2022en Official account for Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022™ delivery and legacy organisation. Follow @roadto2022news and @roadto2022go or the latest updates.

#FIFAWorldCup Twitter counts

Thanks to Tweet Binder tweet counter we have access to Twitter counts. In fact, we know the exact number of tweets the matches that already have been played have generated. Let see #FIFAWorldCup Twitter count and yesterday’s counts:

Matches – 21 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
England – Iran #ENGIRN #ENGIRN since:2022-11-21 until:2022-11-22 550993 tweets
Senegal – Netherlands #SENNED #SENNED since:2022-11-21 until:2022-11-22 72669 tweets
USA – Wales #USAWAL #USAWAL since:2022-11-21 until:2022-11-22 61968 tweets
#FIFAWorldCup tweetbinder
#ENGIRN tweet count by Tweet Binder
Matches – 22 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
Argentina – Saudi Arabia #ARGKSA #ARGKSA since:2022-11-22 until:2022-11-23 164819 tweets
Mexico – Poland #MEXPOL #MEXPOL since:2022-11-22 until:2022-11-23 65788 tweets
Denmark – Tunisia #DENTUN #DENTUN since:2022-11-22 until:2022-11-23 20806 tweets
France – Australia #FRAAUS #FRAAUS since:2022-11-22 until:2022-11-23 190938 tweets
Matches – 23 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
Morocco – Croatia #MARCRO #MARCRO since:2022-11-23 until:2022-11-24 38198 tweets
Germany – Japan #GERJPN #GERJPN since:2022-11-23 until:2022-11-24 196598 tweets
Spain – Costa Rica #ESPCRC #ESPCRC since:2022-11-23 until:2022-11-24 36319 tweets
Belgium – Canada #BELCAN #BELCAN since:2022-11-23 until:2022-11-24 80669 tweets
Matches – 24 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
Switzerland – Cameroon #SUICMR #SUICMR since:2022-11-24 until:2022-11-25 18699 tweets
Uruguay – Korea Republic #URUKOR #URUKOR since:2022-11-24 until:2022-11-25 26087 tweets
Portugal – Ghana #PORGHA #PORGHA since:2022-11-24 until:2022-11-25 123348 tweets
Brazil – Serbia #BRASRB #BRASRB since:2022-11-24 until:2022-11-25 34278 tweets


Matches – 25 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
Iran – Wales #WALIRN #WALIRN since:2022-11-25 until:2022-11-26 336643 tweets
Qatar – Senegal #QATSEN #QATSEN since:2022-11-25 until:2022-11-26 35547 tweets
Netherlands – Ecuador #NEDECU #NEDECU since:2022-11-25 until:2022-11-26 30483 tweets
England – USA #ENGUSA #ENGUSA since:2022-11-25 until:2022-11-26 84888 tweets
Matches – 26 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
Tunisia – Australia #TUNAUS #TUNAUS since:2022-11-26 until:2022-11-27 20378 tweets
France – Denmark #FRADAN #FRADAN since:2022-11-26 until:2022-11-27 59185 tweets
Poland – Saudi Arabia #POLKSA #POLKSA since:2022-11-26 until:2022-11-27 128265 tweets
Argentina – Mexico #ARGMEX #ARGMEX since:2022-11-26 until:2022-11-27 92954 tweets
Matches – 27 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
Costa Rica – Japan #JPNCRC #JPNCRC since:2022-11-27 until:2022-11-28 11405 tweets
Belgium – Morocco #BELMAR #BELMAR since:2022-11-27 until:2022-11-28 124876 tweets
Croatia – Canada #CROCAN #CROCAN since:2022-11-27 until:2022-11-28 22903 tweets
Spain – Germany #ESPGER #ESPGER since:2022-11-27 until:2022-11-28 63698 tweets
Matches – 28 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
Cameroon – Serbia #CMRSRB #CMRSRB since:2022-11-28 until:2022-11-29 20624 tweets
South Korea – Ghana #KORGHA #KORGHA since:2022-11-28 until:2022-11-29 30684 tweets
Brazil – Switzerland #BRASUI #BRASUI since:2022-11-28 until:2022-11-29 22677 tweets
Portugal – Uruguay #PORURU #PORURU since:2022-11-28 until:2022-11-29 48850 tweets


Matches – 29 Nov. Hashtag Tweet search Tweet count
Netherlands – Qatar #NEDQAT #NEDQAT since:2022-11-29 until:2022-11-30 29818 tweets
Ecuador – Senegal #ECUSEN #ECUSEN since:2022-11-29 until:2022-11-30 28235 tweets
Wales – England #WALENG #WALENG since:2022-11-29 until:2022-11-30 32240 tweets
Iran – USA #IRNUSA #IRNUSA since:2022-11-29 until:2022-11-30 612988 tweets


#FIFAWorldCup teams Twitter trackers

Another unique feature that we are using for this World Cup is the Twitter Follower Tracker system. We have set up a tracker for the teams’ Twitter handles. Thanks to this tool we are capable to check the Twitter accounts’ growth based on: followers, followings, lists,… In fact, we have a complete list with all the teams’ Twitter data and also a graphic that reflects it all:

FIFAWorldCup Twitter handles
Tweet Binder Twitter Users trackers for the World Cup’s teams


There are so many tweets being posted that it seems hard to keep up with them. However, we are your here to serve the data you are looking for. Not only with our complete Twitter analytics reports but also by updating this post with the main #FIFAWorldCup Twitter data. And remember, from this search box you can get free tweet counts: