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Tweet Binder is the perfect supplier for your event

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Solutions for events powered by Tweet Binder

We have talked many times about the importance of innovating and offering new experiences to the users. In a world full of options, we have to get ours to be the chosen one. If not, at least, it has to be the most groundbreaking. This goal also applies to the events that your agency organizes. Your client seeks to make a difference and we can make it thanks to the solutions for events offered by Tweet Binder. Thanks to them, you will surprise the attendees. What is more, you will receive all the information and the Twitter data analysis to report to your client what you have achieved. Fortunately, you are at the right place! Keep reading to know how Tweet Binder and its custom solutions can help you.

Make your attendees’ experience unforgettable!

Many events and summits are held every day. The themes are very varied but in the end, the passage of the event is almost always the same. For this reason, you should make your client’s event special or at least, different from the rest. Implementing social content can be a good way to surprise the audience. In addition, they will take an active part in the event and feel more related to it. Tweet Binder is specialized in these kind of solutions for events. We can create tweet feeds, hashtags battles, Twitter contests and Social walls like for example, the one that we created for #OracleImpactSP.

The agency wanted to surprise Oracle. For that reason, we created this custom social wall that displayed Twitter content in real time. According to the event, they decided to prioritize the text content over the images. As a conclusion, we edited the font sizes and we avoided the Instagram content. They displayed the social wall in a specific screen so we adapted the resolution and the design.

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Twitter data analysis powered by Tweet Binder

The outcome of this type of solutions for events is spectacular. On the one hand, you make the audience feel related with everything that is happening. On the other, you manage to make the hashtag more important on Twitter. Tweet Binder and its services do not end here. That hashtag activity and its Twitter data analysis are included into the event´s coverage. Our team will create the complete report of your hashtag.

All the Twitter data analysis will help you to show the results to your client in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Tweet Binder’s Twitter reports provide all the information. Starting from the general statistics of the hashtag and the user rankings to the economic value of the hashtag. If you need to know more about all the Twitter data analysis that we offer, you can contact us anytime. We will be more than happy to help you.