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#COPEsuma: Say hello to the new season!

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The new season is here

One more year, September comes and we welcome the season of presentations and events. TV channels and radio stations introduce their novelties for the new year and they do it, in the case of COPE, counting on Tweet Binder. We have explained the importance and benefits of including social media solutions and real-time tweets in events and summits. There is no doubt: Social networks are now a substantial part of every event, and the benefits of using them are countless. If you are not implementing this resource you will be missing out an opportunity. COPE knows this and, one more year, it has succeeded thanks to this ticker Wall. It showed real-time tweets about the presentation of the new season of the network.

The benefits of Social Media Solutions

The benefits of including social media solutions in any event or campaign are numerous. We have listed them several times but if you still have a question, here we add three more. For example:

  • You can effectively spread your event to a wider variety of users beyond the venue
  • Displaying social media solutions will greatly increase the brand recognition. You will increase brand awareness and reputation as a business by having people interacting with your content
  • Twitter and Instagram are communication platforms. Users appreciate knowing that their opinions are important. They will feel part of the event and the conversation

What is more, these positive points can be achieved in a simple and quick way by installing a social wall. Social walls show Twitter and Instagram content in real time. In addition, they are fully customized to be integrated seamlessly into the dynamics of the event. At Tweet Binder, we have been developing this type of social media solutions for several years. For this reason, we can say that we have experience in getting the most out of the social media activity during any event. It is important to remember that our social walls can be moderated. You will have full control over what appears on the screen at all times.

#COPEsuma: Real-time tweets!!

One of our dearest clients is COPE. During the last few years they have always counted on Tweet Binder for the presentation of the new season in September. It is an event in which all the stars of the station present their programs and novelties. The truth is that the event is fun and dynamic. However, COPE is always going one step further by installing a wall with real-time tweets. This way, all the attendees and users that follow the event on Twitter can comment and share content. The result was incredible because it generated a lot of conversation in social networks and #COPEsuma became a very popular hashtag during yesterday’s afternoon.

If you also have an event or presentation in mind, it is your lucky day. Tweet Binder can advise you on the best social media solutions for you to engage your audience and spread the conversation. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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