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How to build digital marketing events with Tweet Binder

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Why is important to reinforce the digital strategy?

Being digital is a must nowadays. We are all connected through our social networks. Users, companies, public organizations, events… It seems that if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. For this reason, there are many events that reinforce their strategy to be a reference in digital marketing events. This week, we have collaborated with two: #GITEX2018 and #LegalForum18. And in this post, we will analyze what they have done to reinforce their digital strategy.

Digital marketing events: Requirements to have in mind

We would like to summarize some requirements before analyzing the cases of detail of #GITEX2018 and #LegalForum18. We have talked many times about the importance of having the digital part covered in any event. Thanks to this, we will make the attendees feel part of the celebration. We will also revalue our event as a brand and we will make take its impact beyond the venue of the event. It is important to take into account some aspects.

First of all, we have to be sure that our event has official profiles on the social networks that interest us. Depending on the type of event, we may want to spread the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram or both. It is important that the profiles are complete and give the guidelines on where to find more information. It would also be advisable to include the website of the event and a representative image. At the end of the day, it will be the first thing the attendees see on many occasions. On the other hand, our event must be shared under a hashtag that represents it and positions it on social networks. Moreover, this official hashtag must be all over the press and commercial communications we make about the event. Whether online or offline. This way, we will generate a memory among the attendees.

The basics of digital marketing events are clear. However, we should go further and take advantage of it. Tweet Binder and its digital marketing events solutions come into play now. As you probably know, we offer Twitter analytics and social walls for events. Thanks to these two solutions, you will not only have a presence on the Internet but also increase the interaction with the attendees at the event itself. Oh! Wait! Little by little. First, let’s delve into the hashtag analysis on Twitter with #GITEX2018 and then, we will know all the benefits of Social walls at #LegalForum18.

#GITEX2018: Twitter report powered by Tweet Binder

Having an official hashtag of the event is of no use if we do not analyze what their activity has been. Do not worry because Tweet Binder arrives to help you right now. We can create Twitter reports by analyzing any hashtag, term or account. This way, you will have 100% of the conversation on Twitter about your event. Our reports are really complete so you will discover the main stats, the economic value, user rankings and much more! Let’s delve into the metrics of #GITEX2018 for you to check everything we can offer you.

Total Tweets 34,275
Economic value $1,694,490
Text tweets 403
Retweets 23,572
Users 13,672
Impressions 928,960,922
Reach 152,697,398

Moreover, you will enjoy up to nine user rankings and the complete Economic value’s module. This shows how much the hashtag is worth. The economic value of the hashtag or term analyzed is calculated after analyzing each one of the contributors and their tweets. You can learn more by reading this post.

Rock your event like #LegalForum18

Another option is to install a social wall that shows Twitter and Instagram content in real time. One more year, our friends from Wolters Kluwer Legal have chosen that solution. The success was undeniable. People feel that their opinion is important. By sending tweets and images they became an essential part of their digital marketing event. It is the best way to spread the conversation and get the most out of that content. What is more, we customize the social wall according to your needs. No matters if you have a crazy idea because it can become real thanks to Tweet Binder.

These are just two examples but Tweet Binder has no limits. Feel free to contact us if you build digital marketing events. We will be more than happy to help you with this purpose. At the moment, you can take a look at our Twitter analytics tool and create your own report. We’ll be waiting for you.