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Will Smith Twitter account does not belong to THE Will Smith you think

This 2022 Oscars are going to be remembered not for a cinematic moment. Just a tiny moment. One that has probably changed lots of things. And of course, one that is heavily addressed and tweeted about. Because, we don’t talk about Bruno nor CODA or Liza Minelli. The world seems to be stuck with that moment.

And as a society eager to tweet and read about the so called trends lots of users are using Twitter to express their opinions. However, in the midst of all that is being said and written about Will Smith, those mentioning @willsmith are not really paying attention. The owner of the Will Smith Twitter account is not the actor’s account. But, how does it reflect into the Twitter data?

@willsmith Twitter data evolution

An undeniable fact is that wether Will Smith owns or not a Twitter account users are quick to mention the account they believe is the right one. A verification mark may do the rest. But checking and reading bios should be required prior to mention anyone. Or at least expected, given how common the name is in this case.

Thanks to our Twitter analytics tools we have the data to determine the Twitter impact @willsmith Twitter account has received. Firstly, thanks to a Twitter user tracker we come up with the following. Since March 27th 2022 @willsmith Twitter account has:

  • gained 106,629 followers
  • received  141,539 mentions
  • been included in 44 Twiter lists

The Tweet Binder Twitter user tracker set up for Will Smith’s Twitter account includes these interesting insights:

Will Smith Twitter tracker
Tweet Binder Twitter user tracker for @willsmith

Tweets shared by @willsmith

We all know that we can not usually anticipate a crisis or an unexpected situation. That is not what really happened for @willsmith Twitter account’s user. In fact, he was quick to react. But as the data shows, Twitter users did not really cared. They just keep mentioning and tagging the not Oscar winner Will Smith, @willsmith. This did not stop them:

The Oscars Twitter data

The Oscars this year have received millions of tweets. It is not a novelty. The first post pandemic gala may be remembered for a single act. However, we want to share the top #Oscars tweets in this post. The other moments worth to really share.

For instance, thanks to Twitter advanced search, we know this is one of the most retweeted tweets of the #Oscars:

Also, thanks to a Twitter analysis based on the tweets posted by @TheAcademy we know this is the most expensive tweet that the account has shared recently:

And, why not, an act of kindness that is really worth tweeting and be talked about:


So, we may all tend to react. That is a fact. However, there are different ways to handle situations. We may say Will Smith Twitter account has done pretty well so far. We know that tweets from Twitter heavy users will slow down, so just keep it cool. A great resume to it all, will be this fragment of a tweet shared by @willsmith: the world would be a better place if we stopped answering words with violence.