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How to analyze a Twitter list?

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Twitter is a huge universe. Lots of people consider it just a social network. However, here at Tweet Binder we have written enough posts to prove that wrong. There are many factors and details that usually go unnoticed. One of them are the Twitter lists. We have to say there was a time when they were more visible than now. Or, at least, more fashionable.

Anyway, they are still an important part of Twitter. In fact, there is a post about how to use Twitter advanced search. This post could be part of it. But are determined to give credit to the not-so-known Twitter lists. But, let’s start with the basics.

What are the lists on Twitter?

Twitter itself describes them perfectly:

A List is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can create your own Lists or subscribe to Lists created by others. Viewing a List timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that List.

How to create a list on Twitter?

For those who have already heard about them, you may have asked yourself about how to make a list on Twitter. It’s a fair question and “Lists” is one of the many options in any Twitter account.

We just have to click its icon and then select the plus option. The mobile version is a bit clearer than the laptop one. But it is pretty easy. Then, Twitter asks us to add a name and a description to our list. Additionally, we can even make them private. You know, in case you want to keep it low key.

create twitter list
Making a Twitter list is easy

Then, we recommend you to try it for yourself. Create and edit lists. Find out which accounts you want to have in the same timeline and enjoy how useful they are.

How to analyze them?

You may have already run a search in Tweet Binder. From Twitter historical data to real time tweets, anything can be tracked with Tweet Binder. However, you may never thought about tracking a Twitter list.

The first thing we have to do is, obviously, to decide the list we want to monitor. You now are probably find out there are way many more accounts that have lists than you thought. An example, the NBA. This post is going to use a NBA’s list called: NBAteams.

NBA Twitter public lists
These are the @NBA’s account public Twitter lists

Once we have the list we want to monitor we just have to write on the Tweet Binder search box this: list:NBA/NBAteams Meaning that the way to get the data is by adding list plus the name of the account and the name of the list.

Then, we get all the data included on a regular Twitter report. The number of tweets, the impact and reach, the users rankings… All the Twitter analytics you can think about are part of these reports. All the possible data based on a Twitter list.

tweet binder report
Twitter list report by Tweet Binder


No matter if it’s out of curiosity or because you have discovered these lists are really useful, try to create and analyze a Twitter list with Tweet Binder. It’s easy and there are even free reports that give a good amount of data.

It’s time not just to tweet and retweet but to analyze and go beyond the basics.