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Donald Trump on Twitter – 2009 / 2020 analysis

Analysis of Donald Trump Twitter

Donald Trump Twitter: How does the President uses Twitter?

President Donald Trump’s tweets are a great way to know what the president is thinking, doing or thinking of doing. Donald Trump’s tweets open News broadcast and Media have dedicated thousands of TV. Always that Donald Trump uses Twitter a newspaper writes a new article. They are also a great source of conflict and controversy, just read the replies to any tweet he sends. We have analyzed every tweet sent by Donald Trump since he became the President of the United States of America (and before) to see how he’s doing. Can you imagine doing a hashtag tracking of all the hashtags he posts?

Trump and Covid-19: new RTs record and more!

New record! The tweet from the President with the highest number of RTs is the one where he declares he has Covid-19:

However, this tweet used to be his most popular about the topic (addressed by him as “Invisible China Virus”) after the US President’s initial reticence to face mask as preventive tools to fight Covid-19:

Trump tweets and Twitter analysis

The dates of the analysis are since May 4th 2009 until the 7th of October 2,020. We analyzed a lot of info and we can say: Trump + Twitter, what a combination! He is probably the President in the world that uses Twitter the most. And when we say “uses” it means he does it personally, he doesn’t seem to have a team of people managing the account for him.

If you want to analyze Trump tweets today write from:realdonaldtrump in the following box:

Donald Trump 2020 tweets

Donald Trump tweets have become a source of information. For some, Trump’s tweets are crossing a line since he is using the platform to manifest official actions and decisions. For others, he keeps using the tweets as he has done always: as he pleases no matter what. However, data is data and these are the total original tweets Donald Trump has shared so far in 2020:

@realdondaldtrump tweets 2020
Original tweets sent by @realDonaldTrump in 2020 – Tweet Binder analysis

You can get these tweets and complete data with a Twitter Historical report. The Tweet Binder report about how Donald Trump tweets in 2020 also shows that this is Tump’s most liked tweet and Trump’s most retweeted tweet he has shared in 2020:

Prior to this ongoing situation, this was his 2020 most retweeted tweet:

Donald Trump and Twitter: @realDonaldTrump latest tweets

As we have pointed out, there is an easy way to analyze the original tweets that the US President has shared these last few days. The upcoming events are developing fast and the world is following it from a new perspective with Twitter. Donald Trump has tweeted over 150 original tweets these past days, being this tweet the most expensive tweet he has shared recently:

Evolution of tweets sent by Donald Trump since 2009

Donald Trump Twitter’s account was opened in 2009. Since then he has sent over 45K tweets. In the next chart you will see how he has been using his official account @realDonaldTrump since then. If we take a look at Trump’s account since 2009, the year he opened his account, until today the evolution is quite interesting (kind of crazy if you think about it):

from:realdonaldtrump -RT since 2009
Donald Trump opened his Twitter account in 2009. He really started tweeting heavily in 2012.

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Donald Trump keeps using his official Twitter account @realDonaldTrump heavily instead of the one from the presidency @Potus. President Obama used to have a team running his accounts. Whenever he sent a tweet personally, he added its signature to it so the audience would know. Trump tweets today are considered a great source of information. We have to say that this analysis is based on real Trump tweets, they are not fake or made up, those are tweets sent by the president of the USA.

Donald Trump Twitter archive and stats

Trumps latest tweets are always on TV, imagine all the news that are based just on his tweets. Well, Donald Trump has shared over 45K original tweets since 2009. We do not count the RTs he makes, just the original tweets he has written and sent. 45,155 tweets divided in:

  • 29,998 text tweets: tweets containing only text (no link, no pic, etc.)
  • 3,542 replies: tweets where he replies to other users (however, in this case, he’s also replying to himself when creating threads)
  • 12,009 links or images (some of these tweets are also replies, so we don’t count them twice)
Trump tweets - Twitter data
@realDonaldTrump original tweets since 2009 – Tweet Binder historical report

What has President Donald Trump tweet today?

That’s a very interesting question and probably it has a different answer every hour because President Trump tweets quite a lot, Trump’s tweets today will be on the news anyway for sure. If you want to see the last tweets from President Trump write from:realdonaldtrump in the following box:

Does Donald Trump tweet from an iPhone or Android?

Since he is president, Donald Trump uses up to 6 ways to send the tweets, 6 different sources. Let’s remember that Twitter consider “source” the software a person uses to tweet. In this case, these are the sources Donald Trump uses (although the latest tweets have been sent via an iPhone):

Source Number of tweets
Twitter for iPhone 15,722
Twitter for Android 14,753
Twitter Web Client 12,952
TweetDeck 527
TwitLonger Beta 502
Twitter Media Studio 363

What hashtags does Donald Trump use when he tweets?

Not big surprise here, Donald Trump is using his campaign hashtags mostly: #MAGA (Make America Great Again) and #AmericaFirst.

Hashtag Number of tweets
#trump2016 926
#makeamericagreatagain 565
#MAGA 406

The real surprise here would be that he doesn’t use hashtags much, maybe he doesn’t need them?

Media and Trump’s tweets

We can say there is a bit of “love” between Fox News and Trump, they are the most mentioned news network in his tweets. We can also point out that Donald Trump likes to talk about the media, most of the most mentioned users are media channels, that’s a fact. 2% of Donald Trump tweets talk about Fox News. And also, 519 tweets (7% of the total) talk about Fake News.

In the next table you can see a distribution of the mentions from the President:

Account Number of tweets
Fox News 816
Barack Obama 795
Fox & Friends 661
CelebApprentice 425
CNN 377
Mitt Romney 353

Fox News is the media that receives the highest number of mentions. It is also one of the only ones that talks “nice” about Donald Trump. However, it seems something has changed:

In fact, the rest of the mentions to the media are not nice. For example, CNN is being mentioned a lot in President’s Trump tweets these days:

Let’s remember that the one who sends these tweets is the President of the United States of America.

Trump’s most retweeted and liked tweets

The most retweeted tweet by Donald Trump is the one where he announces he has Covid-19 (October 2020):

In 2017 Donald Trump sent his second most retweeted tweet so far. The tweet where he shows a video making fun of CNN News is the one with the highest number of retweets and likes. So far it has 324,000 retweets and 529,000 likes, these figures keep growing. Tweets sent by Trump about the CNN are not quite delicate.

The second one has is from November 2016 and we already shared it before (a few lines above) where he said that “Today we make America great again”. This tweets has now 281,700 retweets and 499K likes.

We also investigated the tweet TO Donald Trump with the highest number of mentions, it is from Jimmy Kimmel and it was sent in 2017 (Feb. 26th and got more than 235.000 retweets)

Interesting facts about Donald Trump in Twitter

  • How many Twitter followers does Donald Trump have? At this moment Trump’s Twitter account has over 77 million followers
  • How many mentions does Trump receive in Twitter? He gets 10,000 mentions in 20 minutes. Can you imagine his phone?
  • Is there one fake Donald Trump in Twitter? Ummm, one? Not just one, thousands!
  • Trump only follows around 50 people and mostly his companies, family (Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump Jr.).
  • CNN Trump tweets are not very “nice”.
  • How much is a tweet from Donald Trump worth? Right now the market value will be almost 115K USD. However, since Donald Trump’s tweets get tons of engagement, its real value is over 5K USD. Amazing.
Donald Trump tweet value
Tweet Binder Twego tweets economic value

President Trump likes Twitter. Twitter is the place where Donald Trump feels safe, independent and where he can say whatever he wants. We haven’t tried to judge the content of the tweets, we don’t care about that and we have more important things to do actually. Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is very peculiar because he is using it everyday and each of his tweets create a huge controversy. In fact, the way he addresses the media has not been seen before, he insults and make fun of them.

It seems safe to say that Trump won’t stop tweeting and that no one can stop him either. But let’s compare the value of the President of the USA in 2020 with an ex-president: Barack Obama. A tweet from Barack Obama is worth over the triple than a tweet from Trump:

@BarackObama Twitter value
This is the value of one tweet from Barack Obama.

Sentiment analysis of Trump Twitter

Trump is sending, mostly, positive and neutral tweets. We analyzed the sentiment value of the tweets written by Donald Trump and we saw that, most of the times, he tries to send tweets with a positive content.

sentiment analysis trump tweets
The sentiment score is quite high for US President Tweets

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