2 min readHow to track trending hashtags with Tweet Binder: #VBxTarget campaign

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Hashtags tracking: Twitter & Instagram analytics

There are so many tweets and social campaigns shared daily that sometimes it seems hard to keep track of all of them. Finding out the main stats and data of the hashtags tweeted is really easy thanks to Tweet Binder. We have analyzed the last Victoria Beckham campaign for Target, #VBxTarget, on Twitter and Instagram to show you how to track a trend with no big budget nor a lot of technicalities.

Twitter analytics

Tracking a Twitter hashtag with Tweet Binder is really easy. You are going to be able to check the most important stats immediately. We have created a Twitter report for #VBxTarget starting the first of April. After searching for the hashtag, we come up with the main stats: more than seven thousand tweets have been shared with the hashtag generating a potential impact of almost three hundred millions. And what’s more, is very important to check if the users have talked about this new campaign: more than 3,600 accounts have published tweets. That’s a really good participation! What is also remarkable is the option that we offer to check users rankings: we can see that the most committed user is @TheKeyToChic who has shared over a hundred original tweets. It is also relevant to check how Victoria Beckham and Target’s accounts are among the most popular and the highest impact one.

#BVxTarget by Tweet Binder
Twitter statistics of #BVxTarget by Tweet Binder

Among the complete stats and data that we provide with our hashtag reports, we have a unique feature that allow to check how many of the tweets analyzed are related to an account, hashtag or keyword. To do so, we have the chance to create what we call binders:

Tweet Binders detailed data
Binder details of #BVxTarget by Tweet Binder

There are other stats that have to be taken into account to get a general overview of the campaign. Our assessment is really positive and we recommend to compare the stats with other similar campaigns in order to confront data.

Instagram analytics

Tacking hashtags on Instagram with Tweet Binder gives a complete report to discover how the campaign has evolved. #VBxTarget on Instagram has generated a lot of comments, over 21,000, and over a thousand accounts have shared publications (most of them photos, only the 6% are videos).

Instagram analytics by Tweet Binder
Instagram stats of #VBxTarget by Tweet Binder.

Another really valuable feature included in our Instagram reports is that you can check the most liked and most commented publications. Although not a lot of videos had been shared, one has became the most commented publication above all posted. And comparing Twitter and Instagram data, we can see that Jessica Alba has generate a huge impact on the social campaign as she has shared a tweet and an Instagram picture with #VBxTarget. In fact, her Instagram image has been the most liked of all that have been analyzed.

Tweet Binder Instagram report
Instagram media rankings by Tweet Binder

We can also check, on both reports, the hashtags that have been shared with the one analyzed and, what’s best, we can export all the tweets and publications tracked. So, with your reports you could check the complete data online and also offline. There’s no excuse to be lazy about monitoring a hashtag, you just have to focus and contact us to help you analyze your Twitter and Instagram campaigns.