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Fashion hashtags: the trends to look up to in social media

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Fashion brands on social networks

We live in a hyperconnected world. Everyday, we have a screen nearby where we do not only consult information. We are also aware of the latest fashion trends and we buy the clothes that we like. And we do everything through the mobile or the computer. For this reason, the content about fashion brands on social networks is also growing. Fashion hashtags surround us! We try to help brands to improve their presence on Twitter and Instagram.

Analyze your fashion hashtag

We are going to summarize the best social media fashion solutions for fashion brands on social networks in the following post. It is important to remember that we offer 100% customizable projects. As a result, you will be able to choose the content/solution you want to integrate in your site or own platform. Moreover, we can not forget the social media analytics part of campaigns. as we have seen with the influencers strategies, it is vitally important to know what is said about our brand in addition to showing that content on our website.

Social media influence on fashion industry

Fashion lovers are one of the most active groups on Social Media. Not only they like to follow the top magazines but also the models that wear their favorite designs. Social Networks have become the perfect channel to talk about the latest trends and express opinions about them. Specially through fashion hashtags and general tags. Instagram is the place where people show their designs and outfits. Everything here is about the image and how it looks. On the other hand, Twitter is the place where, while posting pictures, users express their opinions on clothing, fabrics or fashion events. One of the main events these days is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It is known for being one of the most spectacular performances in the industry as well as for having the top models of the moment on its runway.

Many users share content on our brand. Why don’t we use it? It is a free publicity! Not only can we give presence and value but also make our customers feel part of a big family. Our brand is cool and they will be part of it through our Social Media Solutions. We have developed different solutions over the years but now we will summarize some of the most successful ones.

Fashion hashtags: Activity geolocated map

We can show the scope of our brand by installing a geolocated map that shows all the content shared about our products in real time. This way, we easily make our brand go beyond. Or, at least, our fashion hashtag campaign. It is the best way to give relevance to the brand in an intuitive and simple way. What is more, it is possible to navigate to and discover all the relevant content. The customers will find real pics and tweets constantly updated.

Fashion hashtag wars: let the followers decide

Do you want to spread the conversation? Confront two or more products and let costumers vote for their favorite via Twitter. This is a great way of encouraging customers to share content. It is possible to include sponsors or offer discounts and rewards. You will be able to balance the results thanks to the social media analytics offered by Tweet Binder.

Twitter and Instagram fashion analytics

If we talk about fashion, we can not forget about Instagram. Instagram has become the favorite social network for brands thanks to the power of the image. For this reason, including an Instagram and Twitter feed can be the best way to improve our web and make it more social. Tweet Binder allows you to moderate the content in order to avoid unappropriated images.

There are so many tweets and social campaigns shared daily that sometimes it seems hard to keep track of all of them. Finding out the main stats and data of the hashtags tweeted is really easy thanks to Tweet Binder. We have analyzed the last Victoria Beckham campaign for Target, #VBxTarget, on Twitter and Instagram to show you how to track a trend with no big budget nor a lot of technicalities.

Twitter analytics

Tracking a Twitter hashtag with Tweet Binder is really easy. You are going to be able to check the most important stats immediately. We created a Twitter report for #VBxTarget starting the first of April. After searching for the hashtag, we come up with the main stats: more than seven thousand tweets have been shared with the hashtag generating a potential impact of almost three hundred millions. And what’s more, is very important to check if the users have talked about this new campaign: more than 3,600 accounts have published tweets. That’s a really good participation! What is also remarkable is the option that we offer to check users rankings: we can see that the most committed user is @TheKeyToChic who has shared over a hundred original tweets. It is also relevant to check how Victoria Beckham and Target’s accounts are among the most popular and the highest impact one. They are on top of social media fashion business!

Among the complete stats and data that we provide with our hashtag reports, we have a unique feature that allow to check how many of the tweets analyzed are related to an account, hashtag or keyword. To do so, we have the chance to create what we call binders.

There are other stats that have to be taken into account to get a general overview of the campaign. Our assessment is really positive and we recommend to compare the stats with other similar campaigns in order to confront data.

Instagram analytics

Tacking hashtags on Instagram with Tweet Binder gives a complete report to discover how the campaign has evolved. #VBxTarget on Instagram has generated a lot of comments, over 21,000, and over a thousand accounts have shared publications (most of them photos, only the 6% are videos).

Another really valuable feature included in our Instagram reports is that you can check the most liked and most commented publications. Although not a lot of videos had been shared, one has became the most commented publication above all posted. And comparing Twitter and Instagram data, we can see that Jessica Alba has generate a huge impact on the social campaign as she has shared a tweet and an Instagram picture with #VBxTarget. In fact, her Instagram image has been the most liked of all that have been analyzed.

We can also check, on both reports, the hashtags that have been shared with the one analyzed and, what’s best, we can export all the tweets and publications tracked. So, with your reports you could check the complete data online and also offline.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show on Twitter

This is a great example of the power of fashion hashtags in social media networks. This runway is one of the most claimed by the industry not only because its astonishing designs but also because of the performance they create. This is an unusual fashion show as most of them just want to show their designs. At Victoria Secret it is all about the show, about throwing a party that no one could ever forget. Of course they want to show their designs on the runway, but they also want to put up a show. Each year they invite guests from the music industry to perform live during the show. They have had artists such as Taylor Swift, The Weekend, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Ellie Goulding.

As it could not be any other way, we have analyzed the repercussion of Victoria Secret Fashion Show on Twitter. To analyze it we activated a real time analysis in order to collect every tweet mentioning the show. Let’s analyze these stats.

#VSFashionShow #VSFS2017

In order to have a much more complete analysis we tracked tweets mentioning either for these hashtags: #VSFashionShow or #VSFS2017. There were other fashion hashtags used during the show but we wanted to focus on those two. As it is expected in a show like this, there are more retweets than original content (text tweets, replies and links & pics). These are the general stats for this year’s fashion show:

Total Tweets 176,544
Retweets 163,109
Text tweets 3,549*
Replies 695*
Links & Pics 9,758*
Contributors 70,089
Potential impacts 1,780,103,033
Potential Reach 304,739,041

*Notice here the tweets classification. Tweets are only counted once in the total tweets but later they can fit more than one class. Meaning that a tweet can be a reply if it is a conversation between users but it can also be consider as a pic if it contains an image. The important thing here is that tweets are never counted twice, they are counted once and classified later.

Most mentioned accounts

Besides giving data about the most mentioned users, the most popular or the highest impact users, Twitter Binder provides additional rankings. These can help the user having a much better idea of how Twitter has behaved when tweeting with that hashtag. As we have said, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is known for having the top models and music artists of the industry. It is one of the top fashion hashtags of the world. That is why the ranking of most mentioned users can be interesting here, to know which one of the models has attract more attention.

Twitter User Mentions
@VictoriasSecret 493
@Harry_Styles 248
@AngelAlessandra 169
@bellahadid 136
@angelcandice 130
@AdrianaLima 108
@karliekloss 86

However, given the current social media fashion trends we can say Instagram is the new favorite showcase for fashion brands.

Instagram: Turn likes into sales

Instagram has become the favorite showcase for fashion brands. The power of the image and its easy way to interact make this social network an essential tool for any brand. However, we have to ask: Is it enough to share the campaign’s images? Obviously not. You need to go one step further. You have to create campaigns on Instagram that surprise and attract your followers. That involvers choosing the right fashion hashtag. In addition, we can not forget that, once that campaign has ended, we will have to use a tool to analyze Instagram. This way, we will obtain a complete Instagram analysis in order to assess and make decisions.

Tool to analyze Instagram: Tweet Binder

Firstly, the report shows the general statistics that allow us to know the evolution of the hashtag. In particular, its most important statistics (impact, scope, typology of publications, level of engagement …). We will have all the data we need to be able to evaluate the analysis of Instagram in just one click.

On the other hand, the reports also include 8 rankings of users. These rankings give us the opportunity to know more in detail the type of audience we manage. Moreover, you will find the ranking of posts according to the number of likes and comments received, the map with geolocated publications and two extra rankings that display the related hashtags and the most used filters.

Instagram analysis: #estonoesunselfie

The Instagram account of @adolfodominguezoficial launched a disturbing publication a few days ago. “A self-portrait is a picture of oneself. But it’s not a #selfie.” This publication was also supported by two of the most recognized actors of Spain: Luis Tosar and Inma Cuesta.

This fashion hashtag is the main character of the campaign. Both the teaser released by the account and the video revolve around him. We did the Instagram analysis to see the activity generated. The Instagram reports offer valuable information about the hashtag but also about the users who have participated in that conversation.

#estonoesunselfie: General Stats

  • Number of post: #estonoesunselfie has 472 post of which 97% are images and 3% videos
  • Users: The hashtag has been shared by 309 Instagram users
  • Number of likes: 75,302 likes in 472 posts
  • Impacts: The potential number of times users could have seen the hashtag. 2,319,068 in total
  • Reach: The potential number of people who could have seen the hashtag. This campaign potentially reaches 1,034,418 users
  • Level of influence: Average of followers per participant. 3.348
  • Penetration level: Each user has shared an average of 1,53 posts

Ranking of users

We have seen that Adolfo Domínguez, the actors involved in the campaign and the account created for this occasion are the top ones in all the rankings of users related to activity and engagement. Adolfo Domínguez, on the other hand, dissociates himself from the most active ones (for that purpose they have create the campaign’s account).

Fashion hashtags data one click away

At Tweet Binder we love analyzing anything on Twitter. This is an example of a big worldwide known event. But, if you have a smaller or even a bigger one, do not hesitate and contact us. We have tons of features for events that go beyond the simple Twitter analytics.

It is really easy to surprise your customers and make them feel relevant. That’s something fashion industry proves to know well. Here we have summarized some of our social media  solutions for fashion brands. Do you want to go beyond the social media analytics? Contact us now! We will be more than happy to make your ideas come true!

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