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Let’s get the tour started with Tweet Binder!

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Yes, we are fans!

We can not understand the fan phenomenon without social networks. Artists use Twitter and Instagram as a direct communication channel with their followers. On the one hand, by sharing information about their performances and tours. On the other hand, by sharing posts showing daily moments of their lives. Thanks to the immediacy of social networks, fans can be aware of everything that happens with their favorite artists. A social media tour manager can gather that information.

In facto, fans also share a lot of content. It generates a great sense of community. It’s great belonging to a fandom! Tweet Binder makes out the most of this content. How? It is easy. Firstly through the Twitter impact report or Instagram metrics. Then, by creating the Tour Manager. Let’s get the tour started with Tweet Binder and discover the amazing ideas for the music industry!

Twitter impact report of #TellMeYouLoveMeTour

First of all, it is important to know that all the content shared by fans can be analyzed and classified (of those whose accounts are not private). It is the best way to know the main things. Tweet Binder is the best tool to run this kind of analysis. For that reason, you will be able to create your own Twitter impact report in a few minutes. We launched the Twitter impact report of #JoanneWorldTour. Lady Gaga rocked the web. Thanks to Tweet Binder, you can track hashtags on Twitter and get the most complete Twitter stats. Now, it is time for #TellMeYouLoveMeTour with Demi Lovato. She has announced the European Tour today and Twitter has gone crazy! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to check all the publication in a social media tour manager?

There is no doubt! Demi Lovato moves a huge community. Moreover, the impact and reach of the hashtag reveal the importance of the fans’ activity. The Twitter impact report displays useful information about the contributors, timeline chart, languages, sources and influence. You can check out the complete report of #TellMeYouLoveMeTour powered by Tweet Binder. Here we summarize the main stats.

Total Tweets 22,793
Text tweets 1,704
Retweets 19,331
Users 14,063
Impressions 398,543,994
Reach 92,633,847

Instagram metrics: Find out the best pics!

Creating the Twitter report is the first step. Then it’s time to check out the Instagram metrics. Instagram is the visual network par excellence. For this reason, in addition to the general statistics, we will pay special attention to the images. The reception has been amazing. The photograph with the greatest number of comments is the one corresponding to the announcement of the Tour. In this case, it has 17,739 comments and 602,163 likes. The Instagram metrics by Tweet Binder include a gallery with the most liked/commented publications. It is the easiest way to discover the valuable content. In addition, it’s also a fun and attractive way to navigate through those publications.

The Tour Manager: The place for every fan in the world!

Tweet Binder can create the perfect space for the fans with the Tour Manager. It is possible to geolocate all the tour cities and display every concert stats and moderated pics from Twitter and Instagram. It is super easy to participate because people just have fun by sharing their experience at the concerts. Moreover, you can insert commercial ads or a purchase button. Discover our last project for Bryan Adams here.